Who is Riley J. Pierce?

My name is Jennifer, and my pen name is Riley J. Pierce. I started this website and blog because I wanted a place to share my love for fashion, comics, writing and more. I’ve reviewed comics, books, and movies from upcoming talent (many from Kickstarter), written about things I think about (see Things You Can Do With Your Body When You Die, showed photos from my comic con experiences, and shared original writing.

I grew up on horror and scifi, starting with The Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, and Tales from the Darkside. I love Star Wars and also believe that Keaton is the only true Batman. I own an Etsy shop where I make mermaid things, Harry Potter replicas, and Steampunk accessories. My favorite video game, and one of the only ones that ever held my interest, is Bioshock. As far as books, I love Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Roald Dahl, JK Rowling, John Saul, Robert Cormier, and so many more. Aside from Star Wars, Harry Potter, and all Kevin Smith films, I am obsessed with movies like Crimson Peak, The Witches, Nightmare on Elm Street, Hellraiser, Dracula, ET, anything Disney or Alfred Hitchcock…and Spiceworld.

I named this blog Comics and Cashmere because although my interests may be traditionally dark or a little random, but I’m also a lover of all things glitter and lace. I have met many people that say, “oh YOU don’t look like a nerd”, and I’m here to showcase my mental oddities as if to say, “then what you call all of this”. I believe that on this blog, there’s a little something for everyone whether you’re a “nerd” or not.

So hello to everyone and thank you for stopping by! (And as always… may the force be with you…)945360_456614111092723_1629144991_n1230025_515050015249132_1680623380_n247796_363809863706482_437747765_n405324_341999015887567_969852442_n

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