Why Comics and Cashmere?

My name is Jennifer. I started this website and blog because I wanted a place to share my love for fashion and comic con. Here and there I’ve added tips for fun dates, random hilarious shenanigans, and ideas to make life easier (or at least a little more fun).

I grew up loving comic books and superheroes while still maintaining my absolute love for all things pearls and lace (just ask my friends – if it’s vintage and feminine, it’s mine). I went to my very first large comic con in 2002 and I’ve loved them ever since! I usually attend 3 out of the 4 days and walk the entire day in heels – I’d never have it any other way!

So hello to everyone and thank you for stopping by! (And as always… may the force be with you…)945360_456614111092723_1629144991_n1230025_515050015249132_1680623380_n247796_363809863706482_437747765_n405324_341999015887567_969852442_n

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