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The Six Reasons You Should Back The Six Swords

With superheroes still surfing the mainstream pop culture wave, I find myself searching for fresh, new comics to read. Kickstarter is usually where I find the best ones, and today I just backed one that I’m really excited about! Still more than two weeks away from the end date, this comic has already exceeded its…

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Netflix: Horror Must Watch List (SPOILER FREE)

I’m always in the mood to watch a good horror or sci-fi flick, so when I’m tired of rewatching the classics like “Hellraiser” or “Exorcist”, I browse the Netflix catalog for something new. Although there are hundreds of mediocre horror thrillers, I found a select few that were fantastic in many different ways. Whether its…

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10 Supernatural Party Games!

With the show that never ends up for another season, gaining more fans by the live Facebook stream, it is inevitable that Supernatural will always be a popular party theme! Although decorations and food are pretty easy (beer, cheeseburgers, and pie), the games that don’t involve alcohol are harder to think of…if your party is…

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A Batgirl Movie???

Recently Nicolas Winding Refn, who directed the new film “The Neon Demon”, and also “Drive”, has expressed interest in a Batgirl movie. Up until now, the only silver screen moments we’ve seen Batgirl in have been on Gotham and Batman & Robin (the really bad one with Mr. Freeze…). According to the interview with Business…

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Creating a Con: My Experience

Attending my first big con in 2002 (Wizard World Philly) was the beginning of what I always knew would be a big part of my life. I’ve cosplayed at many and met a lot of fantastic artists and creators! When my husband and I moved to a smaller town in Wisconsin, celebrating the new comic…

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