Luminous Ages: A Review

After a small teaser, I can finally reveal the full review for the stunning comic series, Luminous Ages by, the amazingly talented, Anthony Christou.

Somewhere between myth and legend lies the epic Luminous Ages. Reading this comic has been like taking a nostalgic journey through some of my favorite mythology, movies, books, and tv shows. With the turn of every page, you can sense the immense creativity and imagination that Christou has poured into every word and every bit of dialogue. He notes his inspirations to include things like his family, The Labyrinth, and Lord of the Rings. He’s started a Kickstarter campaign to ensure the future of this incredible project, and it is one you do not want to miss.

Take a look at the Kickstarter video for this project:

Kickstarter Link:

Through the pages of Luminous Ages, we meet various characters in places that could only have been dreamed up by a magnificent mind. As best described by its multi-talented creator, “The universe of Luminous Ages starts with the world Ekratoria. Ekratoria is big and constantly evolving. But is itself is a mirror of the dream world Oniro. Whatever happens in Oniro eventually manifests in Ekratoria. Oniro, because it is the dream world, is often very absurd, surreal and goes against the laws of reality. Dream magic is the energy that resides in both worlds but is in the purest form in Oniro and is used by the three groups of mages, Luminaries, Captivaries and the Chosen.”

One of my favorite moments in many fantasy stories is when a regular character discovers that they are extraordinary. Such is the case with Thrakos. Christou describes it as, “a fantasy series filled with epic adventure and surreal like worlds and creatures. It starts out as a classic hero’s journey with one of the main characters Thrakos coming of age. However in the second graphic novel you see it is more than this and a fight for the Dream Stones of Power and a battle between reality and dreams itself.”

Not only is the art and comic itself incredible, the inspiration and influences behind it are moving. When asked why the project was important to him, Christou responded by saying:

I wanted to make a fantasy series that has wizards of many cultures and backgrounds with female and male character leads. The reason why I have female lead characters is my niece asked to have her own Amazon based on the Greek legends. Zara Artemis the Amazon and Lena of the light were created for my niece and all women. Don’t worry we have the barbarian characters for the guys also.

Luminous Ages also has environmental messages with nature mages and an alliance of wizards, with a unique type of magic fighting to save their planet. This story expresses my passion for the genre of fantasy and mythology. I have created this series to give a new voice and vision to fantasy by representing different cultures. I have expressed environmental messages through this comic as it is a topic dear to my heart and my aim is to entertain and touch readers on a deep level with positive messages of hope.

This is my dream project as it has allowed me to explore my imagination with no limits and bring a different voice to the genre of fantasy”

Take the time to head over to Anthony Christou’s Kickstarter page, and consider pledging even just $1 to Luminous Ages. The perks are fantastic, but if you aren’t able to donate, you can still be a big help and share this project. Follow these accounts below to stay up to date on all things Luminous Ages and Anthony Christou!





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