Horror Everywhere: The Art & the Anthology

I’ve been working so hard to bring this to life, and FINALLY it’s time! I can say it! I have started an independent publishing company, Marie Quinn Press LLC, and one of the projects I’m really happy to say is available is my first horror anthology entitled, “Horror Everywhere: An Anthology of Scares”!

Horror has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I’ve grown up watching The Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt, Tales from the Darkside, and so much more. I read every scary and terrifying thing I could get my hands on, and even went ghost hunting in a haunted theater with a team! The idea of something scary existing in the world that I can’t explain is so interesting, and it all inspired me to put this anthology together.

“Horror Everywhere” got it’s name because I truly believe that a lover of horror, like myself, could find inspiration in any place or with anything. How many times have you heard a noise in the basement and thought to yourself that if this was a scary movie, there’d be a killer down there? Can you look at a ventriloquist dummy and not think it’s evil? Can you walk into an antique store with an old portrait on the wall, and not imagine that the eyes are following you? If so, than YOU are the reason I created this book.

For this first anthology, I’ve included just ten stories and poems as well as some truly stunning original artwork by the talented Ukranian artist, Anton Rosovsky. Each story takes a simple item, or place, and brings about a horror story. My hope is that it will inspire other horror lovers to take a long look at the mundane world around them, and find that spark of “what if this happened”. Let’s take a look at some of the stories and artwork inside:

Here are the stories included and an idea of what inspired them:

  • “His Masterpiece” ~ Funerals and the ritual of dressing and preparing the dead has always been of interest to me. It’s like a well-rehearsed dance. I could easily see myself being a part of that world. This story is from the perspective of the corpse, as she is prepared for her funeral. It’s about how she feels at the hands of her embalmer.
  • “The Peephole” ~ I love stories told in nontraditional ways. I remember growing up and hearing my grandmother saying she saw someone outside her apartment door. Because of her age and bad eyesight, everyone would shrug it off as a shadow. I always thought “what if something is showing itself to her because it knows no one would believe her?” in my head. This story is the terror an old woman experiences while living in her apartment.
  • “August” ~ Ever fight with a family member and for a brief moment wish them the worst? In this poem, told by the murderess, she details her actions immediately after…well…murdering her parents. Her murder weapon is one of my favorites.
  • “Amelia’s Secret” ~ I love love love this story. Growing up a scifi fanatic, this story was rolling around my brain for a while. Once you watch enough miniseries like “V” or movies with space as the backdrop, you start to find inspiration everywhere. This story is an unlikely, but dangerous, friendship between a girl…and her friend.
  • “Enchantment of the Strings” ~ This is a story about vanity, and the price of youth. Many people through history have died to find the fountain, or the secret, to give them immortality and this is about exactly that. Looking into people like Elizabeth Bathory (who is mentioned in the story) have always been very interesting to me. I’ll admit, there’s probably no price I wouldn’t pay for immortality…
  • “Trapped” ~ Libraries and used book stores are full of memories, ideas, and life. Even The Doctor said that they are weapons! I love the idea that a book could harness something evil, and as you walk by, it whispers to you to beg you to open it and let it out. This is a short, fun poem that should give you a little something to remember the next time you hear a noise in a quiet library corner.
  • “Blind Date” ~ Blind dates are always awkward, but this one is by far the most interesting. Watching shows on tv where people had no idea that they lived next door, or were married, to a serial killer, this makes me think twice about everyone. How well do we really know each other? This story answers that question…
  • “Dinner at the Stones” ~ This is such a fun SUPER short flash micro mini teeny tiny itsy bitsy fiction. I can’t say too much, because there’s not much to tell! This is a quick glimpse of horror in a very unexpected place! Check it out. I’m not going to ruin it. Ok, one hint…be careful who you leave your kids with.
  • “A Boy and his Dog” ~ As everyone knows, I like to take a normal situation and turn it into the most obscure, strange idea. That is precisely what happens here. A boy, a dog, and a dirt road in the country…nothing bad ever happened on a back road in the country though, right?
  • “A Watcher” ~ I decided to end the anthology with this story because it’s one of my favorite first person stories. I used to always have terrible nightmares as a kid about someone watching me sleep, or walking around my house at night. The scary part is that I would always dream them through the intruder’s eyes. I would see myself sleeping, see my family sleeping, etc. This story’s voice came from those terrifying nights that woke me up in a cold sweat for years.



Illustrated by Anton Rosovsky

So, get your copy in ebook or paperback format NOW on Amazon and I hope you enjoy it! For the second volume, I will be adding other authors’ stories and poems, so if you like to write – stay tuned for details next year!


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