Kickstarter Gold: Ninjas and Robots


Daaaaaaamn Daniel! Back at it again with the Kickstarter pledges, and this one is ending soon! Today I’d like to introduce you to probably the two coolest things put together into a beautifully illustrated comic – Ninjas and Robots. I know what you’re thinking, how could one comic pack in two super beings, but as soon as you learn more about the project, you’ll be clicking the pledge button at ninja speed. I wouldn’t ask you to back a campaign I’m not willing to back, so that’s why I want you to see this one! I pledged right away and here’s why you should too!

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The Kickstarter tagline says “Ninjas and Robots is a shonen styled Action/Adventure Indie Comic full of mystery, martial arts, and magic. And there’s a talking cat.” That was already enough to hook my interest, but what really hooked me was the concept, art, and dream team behind it. There are plenty of ideas out there, but being able to put together those parts to bring life to something this amazing is no easy feat.

Check out the intro video:


As if that’s not enough to get pumped about, it says the story is about…

Ninjas and Robots tells the Story of Yuki, a Super Ninja, who has lost her memory and does not know the Power she already has within her. In order for her to regain her memory, unlock her potential, and escape ROBOT ISLAND she is going to need some help from her ninja friends. She is also going to have to fight a lot of Robots!!

This Graphic Novel is an introduction into the World Of Ninjas and Robots (WONAR).  This is only the beginning. 

(From Kickstarter campaign)

The big release date is October of this year, so it’s almost here!

Artwork samples have been released and are stunning! I love it when comic creators, writers, and artists travel with cons and meet their fans and future team. If you’ve been at a con on the east coast recently – you may have already met them! I’m sure you’ll see them a lot more around October too! Would you just look at this???



If you’re as excited as I am to get your digits on a copy – this is a great way to go. Support the campaign, show some love, and get in on the ground level of this project because the perks are fantastic. You can get stickers, art books, t-shirts, and more!

The Original Ninjas and Robots Sketchbook, Stickers and one of the early T-Shirts

A lot of these perks are going fast, and the campaign ends soon, so don’t hesitate! Comment when you pledge to show your support!



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