Comic Review: Irrational Numbers #0 & #1

Writer: Hannibal Tabu
Art: Giancarlo Caracuzzo
Colors: Flavia Caracuzzo
Letters: Josephine Roberts
Publisher: WUNDERMAN COMICS (Jul 2017)

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a sucker for original ideas and comics, and this time I have a really cool one for you guys! I just read the first two issues of Irrational Numbers by Wunderman Comics and it is epic! If you’re into anything supernatural, then this comic is definitely for you. Everyone loves a good vampire story, but usually the origin is the same – Vlad the Impaler, Nosferatu, etc. This is probably the most creative and intricate ideas for an origin story, and being also a lover of history this is my ideal comic to read!

According to Wunderman Comics, Irrational Numbers is “a supernatural alternative history thriller featuring vampyrs, revolution, ancient history and the foundations of modern geometry”. It’s full of rich history, and amazing artwork, and on top of that, the story line is simply fantastic. I appreciated the fact that being a history buff, I never liked math equations, but I was more interested in the person who created the equations. This comic gives an incredibly elaborate background story in issue #0 and then moves right into the action in #1.

Wunderman describes this, saying that “Pythagoras was a skillful mathematician and philosopher who saw something special in a rebellious slave named Zalmoxis. Together they traveled the ancient world looking for answers, and along the way they were joined by another freed slave and a powerful priestess of Hecate, and together they founded a nation that stretched across centuries and a legacy that was a blight on mankind.”

Pythagoras is one of the greatest names in Greek history, an icon in philosophy and mathematics. In his thirties, he took on an apprentice, a former Dacian slave named Zalmoxis, and together they traveled the ancient world, looking for answers to questions unknown, saving another Dacian from servitude and allying with an ancient sect’s priestess. Unfortunate for the world, all of this led them to questions that would shed blood on multiple continents -Wunderman Comics

Something else I really enjoyed about Irrational Numbers, aside from the vampires and supernatural aspect, is the timeline. Jumping decades, and sometimes centuries, it was a lot of fun to follow the evolution of characters through time. From slaves and scholars to leaders in the nation, let’s check out the main characters…

Pythagoras of Samos

Zalmoxis of Dacia


Sofia of Dacia

Medea of Macedon

For full character descriptions and to order the comic, head over to

Aside from the well thought out cast of characters and historical knowledge, I was thrilled with the colorful and detailed artwork in these comics. I was also blown away by the beautiful backgrounds and cultural scenery. It shows how invested this team is to the unique story and it’s unfolding through the issues. As a detail oriented person, the scroll/parchment looking introductions and descriptions were a fantastic touch.

Wunderman Comics will be offering Irrational Numbers on various platforms on August 15th, but while you’re waiting, you should definitely take a look at their other comics too! You may remember a blog I wrote about Time Corps and Earth Invasion where I interviewed Nate Wunderman, but if you missed it, here’s the link to his answers and more info:

Wunderman Comics Review: Time Corps & Earth Invasion

So countdown to August 15th has begun and make sure to enjoy all Wunderman Comics until then! Comment below once you’ve gotten your copies and tell me what you like most about Irrational Numbers! Get yours here on various platforms:

Irrational Numbers


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