The Warrens Occult Museum: Looking into the Button Eyes of Evil

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Some people collect decorative spoons or magnets from every state they visit. Some collect the books they’ve read or would like to read, but not all collectors are traditional. In the Occult Museum of well known demonologists Lorraine and the late Ed Warren, there exists a vast collection of possessed items and conduits of evil. Some of these items, like the notorious Annabelle doll, have become the inspiration of horror films. The museum is open for tours, but beware, it is not for the faint of heart.

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Left: Lorraine Warren with Annabelle, Right: Annabelle in the Warren’s Occult Museum (credit:

Within the walls of this sometimes traveling museum, some of the favorite items have been used around the world for a variety of demonic or satanic worship. According to an article by, there are books, possessed toys, demon masks, satanic idols, and even a child’s tombstone that had been used for a satanic altar. Around the room signs can be seen warning visitors not to touch the unholy items and to be careful not to taunt anything inside.

For believers and skeptics alike, the exhibited artifacts are undoubtedly the closest many have ever been to the paranormal. The Warrens include cursed objects they have removed from the homes of clients, and paintings around the museum illustrate the various stories of these hauntings. Aside from Annabelle, there are other dolls just as sinister. One of these is only known simply as “the shadow doll”. The stories behind the shadow doll claim that it can not only stalk you in your dreams, but also stop your heart completely. A glance into its endless pits for eyes and a mouth, and you’d swear that it could see through you.

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The Shadow Doll in the Warrens Occult Museum (credit:

Bookshelves littered with tiny statues, candles, and skulls sit next to a large mirror. To any lover of films like “Oculus”, this mirror would provide a great opportunity for a jump scare, but the legend behind it is probably more enticing. This mirror, old with a large ornate golden frame, is said to be a conjuring object. In an article by, it’s “used for summoning spirits, and just maybe, a bit of evil can slip through too”. In a collection of interviews, Lorriane continues to warn the public not to tempt the spirit world. Many have not heeded this warning, and she has been called to help bring the unfortunate souls back to the world of the living.

If you’re already planning a trip, always check the calendar. The museum, and its Director, Tony Spera, host a variety of events and enjoy bringing their haunted artifacts all over the world. One of the most well known events, slated for June 3rd is “An Evening with Annabelle” where guests are treated to a banquet dinner, actual case files, and their own viewing of Annabelle, The Conjuring Mirror, and The Shadow Doll.

Regardless of whether you’d want to see the collection for it’s film notoriety, or you’re just curious to look evil in the eye, The Warrens Occult Museum is a definite horror lovers must see.

In the meantime, check out some of the movies inspired by the Warrens ghost hunting adventures:

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Would you visit the Warrens Occult Museum? Would you dare to taunt the spirit world? Comment below and share your thoughts!



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