Streamer Spotlight #2: CaseyReneeCosplay

Welcome to the second in the Streamer Spotlight series! I’ll be exploring a Twitch Creative streamer this time, and when I think about kick ass channels in creative, one in particular comes to mind. Allow me to introduce – CaseyReneeCosplay! Not only is CaseyReneeCosplay fun to watch, but she is one of the most original cosplayers I’ve ever seen. From historical knowledge to sewing tutorials, CaseyReneeCosplay is definitely a must follow streamer!

I first discovered CaseyReneeCosplay when an app called Dripthat did a cosplay contest where you could vote on the best to win a trip to a comic convention in Dallas. She was in the top 3, and the moment I saw her handmade Rococo Belle cosplay I was floored! I’d never seen anything like that, and I was so impressed that she used her knowledge and skills to make something incredible.

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When I looked her up to see her other creations, I found her Twitch channel and hopped into chat. Not only was she SUPER nice, she engaged with every viewer, and answered all questions about her interests, sewing, and upcoming cosplays. She also has some of the coolest perks for her supporters on Twitch and Patreon! She has cosplayed Disney, Game of Thrones, Comics, Lady Gaga, American Horror Story, Historial Figures, and so much more. I am just constantly in awe of her talent and creativity. The skill is strong with this one…

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I was lucky enough to ask CaseyReneeCosplay a few questions to help everyone get to know her amazing self a little better. Check out her answers:

Comics and Cashmere: How long have you been streaming on Twitch?

CaseyReneeCosplay: I started streaming on Twitch in April of 2016. I started off by only streaming one night a week for a couple of hours. In July of 2016 I went from one night a week to 3 days, and then by September I bumped it up to 5 days a week, and have been there since. With my convention schedule I can’t always stream 5 days in a week, but I try to do 20 hours a week minimum.

CC: How long have you been sewing, and how did you get started?

CRC: I’m actually a self taught seamstress, which is why I always preface I am learning how to sew. It’s important to me for people to realize that even after years of sewing I don’t know everything. I’ve been sewing for four years now and I have so much to improve on, I’m very lucky to have an amazing community that helps me learn and grow my craft on a daily basis and sometimes I get to teach them things.Together we worked our way through my Marie Antoinette costume which we build in a month on all live, it was pretty cool.

CC: What made you start cosplaying?

CRC: I started cosplaying because my friends told me to. I have a degree in Theatre Performance, and I am a big nerd and Halloween used to be a huge deal for me. I’d always piece together/make my own costumes and tried to outdo myself every year. So they said, “Hey, you know what cosplay is?!?! You should do it!” and I did. None of them actually cosplayed so at first it felt weird to be the only one doing it but I made friends quickly.

CC: What makes your stream unique?

CRC: I’d like to say what makes my stream unique is my content, but there’s so many great sewing streamers out there so I can’t say that. I honestly think what makes it unique is the costumes I create. I like historical, original and fan art so normally the things I make are costumes people have never made before or things they’ve never seen. I’m also “spunky” or “positive” or “crazy” as some of my viewers would say which keeps the stream entertaining.

CC: What the most fun part of streaming? The hardest?

CRC: Charity Streams! I’ve only done one but it was the MOST FUN I have every had and I’ve already planned 3 more for the fall/winter! The hardest thing about streaming is keeping the conversation positive and upbeat. There are always people both intentionally (and unintentionally) trying to bring you the streamer down and make you look bad, and it kind of sucks. I’m not talking about trolls either, because those guys are easy to deal with. I’m talking about the people who follow and eventually get jealous or don’t like the way you’re doing something so they basically tell you your wrong, BUT the best way to handle this is believe that their intention is good and then it’s easier to overcome.

CC: If money/time/skills were no object, what would be your dream cosplay?

CRC: Oh boy, I’ve already made 3 of those costumes so I honestly don’t know lol. Uhh, I guess I would make a 100% historically accurate Queen Elizabeth, like I would buy a lume and make my own fabric, dye it authentically, hand sew/embroider/bead everything. I imagine it taking like thousands of hours and like even more money but it would be so cool!

CC: What’s your best cosplay memory?

CRC: Oh! Oh! Oh! This might not be the “best” memory but it’s certainly one of my favorites. My friend, Cyndaquilla Cosplay, (shout out to mah boo) and I went to meet Jason Isaacs at Dragoncon. It was like a 30 minute wait, but we didn’t care he’s freaking worth it. All we wanted to do is ask him if he would sign her arm (where she has a dark mark tattoo) instead of a print so she could get it tattooed the next day. So we get up there to ask him and his response was, “But I’m just a person. Why do you want my name on your arm for the rest of your life?” His honest reaction and just wonderful personality slayed me. She didn’t get the tattoo, and we totally held up the line longer than his manager wanted, but he was so serious about not letting us leave until his point was made lol. He is wonderful!

CC: What advice would you give to someone that’s just starting out in creative streaming?

CRC: Spend a few weeks watching other creative streams. Don’t just jump in knowing nothing and no one because it’s not as fun. Also, be prepared to talk to yourself, A LOT! Lol I have 1300 followers and still have periods of time where no one chats so I typically sing or talk to myself or tell stories.

CC: How does streaming on Twitch play a part in your long term goals?

CRC: Hmmmmm, I’m not exactly sure how it plays into my long term goals, but I can say that it keeps me sane. I work full time making costume commissions so streaming on Twitch is like hanging out with friends while working. It keeps me on track and focused as well as keeping even the dullest of tasks from being boring. You can buy costumes from me on . I guess looooooooong term I would love to be able to make fewer commissions and make costumes for myself full time. I’m working on growing my Patreon as well as the stream so I can make that a reality, but it’s like a decade away. Speaking of, my Patreon is waaaaayyyy different from most Cosplay Patreons I have seen. It’s construction focused so instead of getting boudoir and nudes (which are always wonderful but trust me you don’t want to see those from me lol) you get tutorials and details on how I make costumes, and starting in August my patrons will receive patterns that I draft myself! Soooooo yeah, if you want to support that you can at but I’m happy with my work being appreciated via facebook or instagram as well CaseyReneeCosplay on both of those!

There are so many reasons why you should go follow, show love, and support CaseyReneeCosplay! Check out a clip from her channel now…Can we just take a serious second to admire this Anne Boleyn cosplay?!


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