Streamer Spotlight #1: SenpaiSlade

Welcome to the very first Streamer Spotlight blog! Streamer Spotlight will be a fun blog that focuses on helping you, the reader, get to know a different streamer on Twitch. Even if you’re not a fan of video games, you can still pop over to Twitch and gift this streamer a follow! Now that Twitch isn’t only for gamers, prepare to meet some creative streamers as well! For this inaugural blog in the series, meet SenpaiSlade! He streams Tuesday through Sunday at 9pm (Central time).

SenpaiSlade is a gamer that loves competitive shooters, especially Counter Strike: Global Offensive. His followers are known as the “Slade Brigade” and appreciate that he’s very active in chat and parties up with viewers. Besides partying up with viewers and doing fun random giveaways (like Guitar Hero, Steam gift cards, and Razer mouse pads), he also gives his regulars a chance to become a mod. On his channel’s info, he writes, “Sunday night is “Mod Fight Night“, where I will do a drawing for someone (loyal followers only) to fight the current mod in a quick game of CS:GO. The winner gets to be my mod for the whole week!” This is definitely a Slade Brigade favorite!

Follow at:

He’s spent years building the impressive setup he uses, and plans to continue building. Although SenpaiSlade’s setup has come far, it’s not quite where he would like it to be yet. His last purchase was a Blue Snowball Ice microphone with a pop filter, and he still has a long list of items on his wishlist. Currently, this is the list of his setup:

SenpaiSlade setup before the Blue Snowball Ice microphone

SenpaiSlade setup before the Blue Snowball Ice microphone

I also asked SenpaiSlade a few questions to help us all get to know him, and the types of games he likes to stream! Take a look at his answers:

Comics and Cashmere: How long have you been playing video games?

SenpaiSlade: I started playing games like Super Mario on the SNES when I was about 5. I became hooked though once my dad purchased a Nintendo 64 with Goldeneye and Mario Kart. I remember playing multiplayer for hours with my family and going through so many controllers because of the N64’s notorius crappy joy stick. To this day though I dare anyone to challenge me in a game of Goldeneye.

CC: If you could become any gaming character, who would you be and why?

SS: I would have to go with Ash ketchum. I LOVE pokemon and would totally live in a world where I could not only have one as a pet, but be known as one of the best trainers to ever live. Ash is extremely likable and friendly, but when it comes down to it, he is competitive and doesn’t back down in a fight.

CC: What makes your stream unique?

SS: I believe it’s the way that I engage with my chat. I love to team up and make friends. People hop in my chat when I’m playing CS:GO all the time and ask if they can play with me. Instead of ignoring them or saying no based on rank, like most streamers, I’m down to play and have fun. Streaming for me is about interacting with viewers and making the show about them, not me.

CC: If you could only play one video game for the rest of your life, which game would you play? Why?

SS: CS:GO because of its replay value. Every match is drastically different from your random teammates, play execution, and awesome skins that are worth real money!

CC: When did you start streaming seriously?

SS: I started streaming seriously around June of last year. That’s when I decided on a schedule and started really grinding. Some nights I’m exhausted from work, as anyone would be, but the show must go on and you have people waiting that you can’t let down.

CC: What’s been the hardest part of streaming? And the most fun?

SS: Staying positive when no one is watching. There are nights where I’ll only have 1 viewer who isn’t really talking, but then there are nights where the fun regulars show up.

There are a lot of fun parts to streaming from meeting new people and making new friends that love gaming as much as I do, but my favorite part is that throughout my life playing games by myself I’ve done some awesome things and no one was there to see it. It’s cool that now there are like-minded people hanging out on my stream that can witness it too.

CC: How does streaming on Twitch play a part in your long term goals?

SS: At the end of the day I love to play video games and joke around with people. Twitch allows me to do both and even make some cash while doing it. My overall goal while streaming is to one day be able to do it as a full time job. My life, only then, would be complete.

Some of the most fun streamers on Twitch have is interacting with their followers during game play. Viewers enjoy watching epic fails, massive victories, and sometimes killer shots. Don’t you ever celebrate an insanely lucky kill and wish someone else had seen it to share in your victory? If you’re not a streamer, join Twitch now to never let anyone miss you at your best! Want tips on a game you like, but can’t seem to complete? Watch a streamer play and ask them about strategy in chat! It’s amazing how helpful most of the followers are! Check out some of SenpaiSlade’s best highlights:


So head on over to Twitch and show SenpaiSlade some love! Tell him ComicsandCashmere sent you! Comment if you’re also a streamer that would like to be considered for an upcoming blog in the Streamer Spotlight! Thanks for reading!




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