The Six Reasons You Should Back The Six Swords

With superheroes still surfing the mainstream pop culture wave, I find myself searching for fresh, new comics to read. Kickstarter is usually where I find the best ones, and today I just backed one that I’m really excited about! Still more than two weeks away from the end date, this comic has already exceeded its $3,000 goal. Pledge options are affordable for any budget and range from $3 to $259 and up, depending on what reward you’d like to have. There’s even a Kickstarter cover you can get to commemorate the beginning of this one-of-a-kind comic, and your contribution to bring it to print! If you’re not already sold, then keep reading! Here are six reasons you should back “The Six Swords” on Kickstarter:



#1 – The Team

Comic creators are some of the coolest and most interesting people to talk to! Listen to a random conversation in a coffee shop, or restaurant, and then listen to a random conversation in a comic book store, or comic con vendor booth. Comic lovers have much better conversations whether it’s the countless “what if” possibilities of the various universes or new ideas of comics they’d create. These people are the absolute best. The team behind The Six Swords fits this description. Not only is this group talented, but they have tons of different skills (insert Napoleon Dynamite impression here). Check out the impressive line up, and if you see them at an upcoming con, say hello (or challenge Chris in an MMA fight…just kidding, don’t do that, he can kick your ass).

#2 – The Intro Video

If you’re like me, and a bit of humor piques your interest, then you have to watch “The Six Swords” video on their Kickstarter page. Not only does this give you a lot of information on the comic itself, but it introduces you to the people that made it happen. Many videos on Kickstarter are strictly informative, or they come off as a business proposal, but this one is unlike any others. Here’s the video below:

#3 – The Reviews

I try not to be one of those people that makes a decision based off of the reviews, however when they’re this good, I definitely do! The comments and quotes are great, and they’re not generic “have a great summer” yearbook types. The feedback so far on this comic makes me want to know more. Just a few, which can also be seen on the Kickstarter campaign page are:

“What Samurai Jack did for the Kurosawa brand of action movies, the Six Swords does for the spaghetti western,” – Matthew Sardo, cofounder of Monkeys Fighting Robots

“Imagine if Oni Press published a Quentin Tarantino written revamp of The Wild Bunch set in the future, you’d get a pretty good idea of how insanely good Six Swords is.” – Chris Galvin, ComicsVerse Image Editor

“This is everything I look forward to in a comic book,” – Dirk Manning, writer of Tales of Mr. Rhee, Nightmare World and “Write or Wrong: A Writer’s Guide to Creating Comics.”

#4 – The Concept

Directly from the creators, “THE SIX SWORDS, a thrilling tale of violence, gratuitous nudity and vengeance, created by Chris Massari, Matt Perez and Mel Sapiandante.

Set in the bleak future of the Divided States of America post World War IV, six men in a fiercely changed New Orleans find themselves pursuing bounties on each other, as placed by the local warlord known as the Switchblade. Quickly realizing that they have been tricked into killing each other, they haphazardly join together to escape the city, hacking and slashing their way through roves of bandits and gangs.

The Six Swords can only be described as resembling a Quentin Tarantino-esque mashup between fantasy anime, spaghetti westerns and philosophical science fiction. Pulling no punches on commentary of war, politics and social interactions, the Six Swords promises to be just more than bloody good violence and gratuitous nudity.”

Gratuitous violence and nudity are usually two requirements when I search for a good movie rental, so finding this in a comic that promises fantasy, westerns and science fiction sounds like a rare find to me! It’s a mixture of everything I’d hope to find between the pages of a well written and illustrated book – which leads us to the next one!

#5 – The Characters

The benefit of following six characters verses one main character is that there’s a great dynamic, and more options for favorites. I’ll admit, when I first checked out the characters, I instantly felt like I’d declare Courtier Apollo Adonis as my favorite Sword. I liked his mission and that he fights to free those in oppression, plus I relate to his feelings about others trying to impose their will upon people. I was set on Apollo, but then I saw Spider Sanchez. Yes, he’s a hell of a dresser, but he’s also a reporter…and from what I can tell, insane. Those are only two of the six, and trust me, the more I delved deeper into their identities, the more I switched favorites.

Another fun aspect of these diverse characters is the potential for cosplay. As someone that really has a blast creating cosplays, I love to find new ideas that aren’t overdone or just  skimpier version of a classic character. Every comic con has a surplus of Harley Quinns, Catwomans, Poison Ivys, etc. The best part of being someone more original is that con goers will ask you who you are, and you get the chance to introduce them to something new! These characters are definitely fun, and their stories are so different! Check them out here:

#6 – The Art

I’m a sucker for amazing art in comics. I can’t draw to save my life, so when I see comics that are illustrated beautifully it makes the story even more intriguing. Just the few images on the Kickstarter page represent the level of talent on the cover and pages of this comic. There is so much detail in the art, and even the color choices are stunning. This is one of those comics that you could take a page from and frame it. It’s just incredibly done – and when you see the long list of past credits combined from this art team, you’ll understand why this is a stand alone level of art. Some of these credits include Sonic the Hedgehog, The Zodiac Legacy, The Phantom, F.O.E., Turncoat & The Glimmer Society, Marvel features and more! Impressed? You should be. Just look at some of these pages:



There you have it! Those are my six reasons you should back “The Six Swords” on Kickstarter! Below are all the links you need to stay in touch and back this comic! Share and comment if you’ve pledged too!




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