The Next Great Horror Writer Contest (#NGHW): Team Riley

Horror has been my longest friend. It’s been there to make me question all possibilities and kept my imagination growing and producing story ideas. When I saw this contest to be The Next Great Horror Writer at I jumped at the chance and sent in a submission. When I found out I was chosen to be a contestant I couldn’t believe it! Now, I am competing week to week in writing contests with various themes, styles, and lengths against 14 other talented authors from around the world for tons of prizes – the grand prize being a book deal!

I’ve completed challenge 1 and 2, with 3 on the way! I’m excited to bring my best to this contest, and I can’t wait to see what the other contestants come up with. Follow the progress on the links below and I’ll keep everyone on my social media up to date!

Written Interview with blogger, Adelise Cullens:

#NGHW News: Interview with Contestant: Riley J Pierce


Facebook Author Page – Riley J. Pierce (me!!):


Facebook Page to watch announcements:


Here is a look at my submission story aka Challenge #1 that got me into this awesome contest

Dinner at the Millers

Babysitting for the Millers the first time, Abby pressed the channel button looking for something that would keep her attention long enough to stay awake through dinner. Clutching the baby monitor, she ate another bite and smiled. The colicky child was now silent. It had only taken an hour, but she was proud of herself for handling little Eric and his seemingly endless cries. Happily settling on a cooking channel, she glanced at the clock and wiped his blood from her cheek. Daniel and Jayda would be home soon. Stew next, Abby thought, I think I’d like to try stew.


Stay tuned for more on and don’t forget to tune in to the podcast to hear the challenge winners! #NGHW




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  1. Eric Gahagan

    congrats on the contest and great blog. Im a writer as well let me know if you ever need any guest content.

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