Why You Should be OBSESSED With Westworld on HBO (NO SPOILERS)

In this generation, binge-watching is an inevitable habit with millions of episodes of your favorite shows on-the-go and commercial free. I may have been a late bloomer to this particular show, but the moment I discovered “Westworld” on HBO, I knew I was hooked.

Westworld is a place where the wealthy can live out their frontier fantasies hunting the most wanted fugitives, sleeping with anyone they want, and participating in actual shoot outs. How is this possible? The entire park is inhabited by robots that look, speak, and feel like humans. It’s a fun and one of a kind escape…for $40,000 per day.

Based on the novel by Michael Crichton, who is also known for Jurassic Park, there was also a feature film with the same title in 1973 featuring Yul Brenner. There are differences in the HBO series though, so don’t feel like there are no surprises left. Season two of the series will most likely be completely original, as the book has no sequel.

Check out the trailer (teaser, so no spoilers):

Here are a few reasons why this show is your next obsession:

Westworld has stunning visuals that begin the moment the credits roll.

I knew that if the opening credits were any indication of what I could expect, I’d be satisfied. The graphics are flawless and immaculate. I am usually very weary of excessive use of CG, however with Westworld, everything was intricate and detailed without being overdone. There were several scenes depicting the creation of the robots, and it wasn’t what I expected – robotics. It was individual strings of muscle tissue draped with machines with the care and precision of weaving a loom. The credits alone were a work of art.

Take a look at the credits (which do not reveal any spoilers) below:


The music is intense, haunting, and perfectly fitting.

When I researched the series, I found a composer’s name that I thought I might have seen elsewhere. I googled “Ramin Djawadi” and was instantly impressed to find that he’s also composed for Game of Thrones, Prison Break, Pacific Rim, Iron Man, and also Warcraft! Even better, there are popular rock songs that are transformed into period pieces by a player piano. No musically assisted jump scares, and no build-up to spoil a reveal. Ramin Djawadi has executed each scored scene and theme song beautifully.

Take a listen to the player piano:


The casting is excellent.

Not only is this visually and musically sound, but the casting is the icing on the frontier cake. The star studded cast includes Anthony Hopkins, James Marsden, Thandie Newton, Evan Rachel Wood, Ed Helms, Jeffrey Wright, and a dynamic performance by Jimmi Simpson. To watch Westworld is to follow the unique and personal journeys with every character as they learn more about themselves and the world around them. This cast made every character interesting enough to be invested in.

Anthony Hopkins as Robert Ford. Does the wall behind him remind you of a many-faced someone?


It further fuels the debate – What exactly makes a robot human or artificial? 

This is one of my favorite science fiction topics. When you ask someone what makes a human different from a robot, almost all arguments can be won by saying that you can program a robot to feel or do anything. At what point is a robot actually understanding you, if at all? Or is it all just programmed code? Can they love? These themes are ever present in Westworld, and with the current stories trending on social media, these debates may become more than hypothetical in the future.

One of the versions of robot.


Easy to binge watch! There are only 10 episodes in Season One!

Victory! Don’t have a ton of time? Westworld’s first season only has ten episodes, so getting through it before a second season is no problem! This has nothing to do with the intensity and enjoyment of the show, but can encourage viewers to get started on it now! Something to keep in mind – as soon as you finish it, you’ll want to start it again to pick up on all of the details you didn’t know were there before. I’ve now watched the entire season three times and every time I notice things that I’d never seen or heard before. The layers of the character development and story line are incredibly enjoyable.

Teddy and Dolores


Tons of fun quotes that only fans will know!

Part of the fun with fandoms and cult classics are that with a simple phrase you can pick fans out of a crowd. Catch phrases are more fun when they’re nerdy so be prepared to gasp in nerdy excitement the next time you hear someone say, “it doesn’t look like anything to me” or one of my favorites (originally from Romeo & Juliet) “these violent delights have violent ends”.


If you’re not convinced yet – give it a try! If you’ve already seen it then stay tuned because my next cosplay is DOLORES! I’ll be debuting it soon! Comment with your favorite parts and quotes from Westworld!




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