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SO! A couple days ago I put up a poll on my Twitter, asking folks if they would rather get just another random Blog Post, Or have me write another Fan Fiction Story… SURPRISINGLY!! You folks wanted me to write another Fan Fiction! (The Fuck Is Wrong With You People!? Don’t you realize I Suck at this!?!? I thought “WOLVERINE VS PREDATOR” was proff enough!)

Anywhoo.. I dug through my archives of crap I had written.. There’s, my reimagenings of “The X-Men”.. Nah! Lets see.. A quick treatment at “The Hulk!”.. Nope! How about, “The Punisher: War Journal- Final Entry”… Nah, you wouldn’t like that one… I kill a major character off and bring back a personal favorite and stuff… Hmm.. What else do I have here?.. The “Wolverine vs Predator”… PREQUAL?!.. Nope! You guys would hate that one.. AH-HA!! Got it.. How about…


(Just realized that I already dropped that bomb in the title of the article… Damn!)

So, without further ado.. Lets start with the legal shit first..

NOTE: I DO NOT OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THE CHARACTERS THAT APPEAR IN THIS STORY!! THE STORY ALONE IS ALL I OWN! THE CHARACTERS BELONG TO MARVEL (copyright and trademark) MARVEL COMICS (TM and C) and (Probably) DISNEY (TM and C) and (probably) UNIVERSAL STUDIOS (TM and C).. I think that covers my ass.. Now then.. Here. We. Go!

“The seas were unforgiving and unrelenting that fateful night.. The night my world would change forever..”

A lone fishing vessel swayed madly along the waves that smashed upon it. The Storm toyed with the boat,  like a child with a plaything. The ships first mate slipped and slided across the deck. A wave slammed against the deck pushing him against a side rail, nearly sending him overboard. His eyes widened in shock as he caught himself. Just then, he spied strange lights deep in the waves and sea below. He stared in amazement. Thunder clapped overhead, snapping him out of his stupor. Voices called out to him. He turns to see crew area trying to strap down a fishing cage. “Leave it!” He called to them, “Captains orders! Get below deck. NOW!” He yelled as he made his way toward the bridge. The wind helped push him in to the cabin. “The hell are you doing here boy!?” The captain yelled at him as he fought with the helm. “Everyone’s below deck captain!” The young first mate called to him over the howling wind. “That ment you too! Get your ass down there asap!” The Captain ordered, spinning the wheel against in incoming wave. “Not a chance Cap! As First Mate I’m standing with you.” “Damn it, Mckenzie! Your father would kill me if something happened to you! Now get your ass below deck Now!” And the captain pushed him back out the door with one hand, just as a wave smashed ten across their side. The force slamming him once more against the guardrail. Taking the captains orders to heart, young Lenored Mckenzie rushed down the stairs from the cabin and dashed across the deck. Just then, he realized the storm had quieted. The rain become a soft drizzle. There was a strange calm in the air. “Hey! Captain!?!” He called over his shoulder as he turned back, “I think the storm. Has. Pa..” Lenored could no longer speak.. As his eyes are met with a massive tidal wave that craned overhead, blocking out the storm. “Oh Shhiitt!!” He cried out as he rushed for cover and the wave Smashed through the ship like a hammer on a nail. The impact exploded the ship sending Lenored soaring and crashing through the water. The ship debris sank all around him. He tried to avoid the pieces as he swam for the surface. The bodies of his crew mates drowned Befor who’s very eyes. The captains lifeless body was pushed upon him by the currents. He screamed. He pushed the body off him and he paddled wildly for the ocean surface. Just then, a piece of wood struck him across the back of his head. He desperately tried to swim. Air was leaving his lungs. Consciousness was slipping away in to blackness. His life flashed before his very eyes.. As he took his last fleeting blinks.. Something swam toward him..

“And that’s when she came.. A creature of beauty.. Of pure majosty..”

Lenored awoke with a gasp as he coughed up the remaining water in his lungs. The world was spinning, there was a dull ringing in his ears. He could hear a muffled voice. His eyes focused and that’s when he saw Her! The world seemed to melt away and thee was only her. He’s skin, blue as the sky. Her hair Redder then blood. Her eyes a bright royal blue, and her lips.. Her lips.. We’re moving fast. He tried to focus on what she was saying, the ringing stopped. But he could not understand anything she spoke. “What?.. I don’t, I don’t understand..” He tried to sit up, but a sharp pain ripped straight up his side. She yelled at him and gestured to his side. He glanced down and saw a rib protruding from his side. “Oh shit!” He groaned. She continues to speak strangely and suddenly forces the rib back in to place. “Argh!!” He groaned and passed out.

“She gathered herself to leave.. But.. Unfortunately.. She stayed…”

As lenoreds eyes reopened, his vision, blurry at first. But there she was.. He could see her.. Clear as day… She was so beautiful. She spoke, “Hey Pal! Your gonna be ok!” “What?” Lenored groaned.. “Your gonna be ok, buddy. Do you know where you are? What is your name?” Lenored blinked hard and her face faded away and there was a strange man standing over him. “We found you on the beach. Do you know where you are? What is your name?” The man asked. “Lenored.. Lenored Mckenzie..” He groaned out.. As he finally realized he was in the back of a Ambulance. “I’m.. I’m in an ambulance.. My ship.. My ship.. Storm.. ” Lenored forced out.. “Okay, okay pal.. Take it easy.. Where are your from?” “Boston..” “Boston?!? Holy shit pal.. Your a long way from home!” The man chuckled. “What?.. Where..” Lenored started, “We picked you up on the beach of Coney Island pal.. Your in Brooklyn!”

“Days had passed, before Lenored Mckenzie had returned to that very beach.. He hoped to find the woman whom saved his life.. And to my dismay.. Fate would draw them together.. From that day forward.. My daughter, Fen, princess of Atlantis began an affair with the Surface Dweller. Behind my back and against all that our people have fought and died for! She betrayed me, her father, Her King! And fell in love with.. A Human! For countless generations, My father and his father before him, have fought to keep Our world and the world of the Surface separate. Humans.. Savages! Hairless apes! Even I have soiled my hands with there blood to keep our worlds apart.. But she was my daughter.. My only child.. What would anyone have me do?! I swore to my beloved wife to always protect her. Upon my discovery of this unholy union. I increased the amount of guards assigned to her.. But she was a sly and clever girl. There were those that would aid her as well.. One day.. She became confident.. Too confident. She brought the pale skinned scum to my realm! My Home! A secret chamber she had designed.. One of her handmaidens, in fear of what I might do if she were to keep such a treachery from me, came and woke me in my chambers. I assembled my guard and we traversed to this secret room. We stormed in.. And.. I have never felt more sickened in my life then to see this… CREATURE! Atop my daughter.. I have never felt such rage.. I drew my sword and charged, she jumped in front of him, stopping my blade..

“If you wish to kill him father, you will have to strike me down first!” She told me. Defiance blazed in her eyes.. I began to shake with rage.. I screamed so loud I nearly lost my voice. “Seize her!” I told my soldiers. They moved her aside, and I beat that man till I could no longer feel my hands. Fen screaming behind me to stop.. I did.. When I was done, I lifted his swollen head by the neck, “I speak to you in your native tounge, pale skin! You ever come near my home or my daughter ever again.. And I will end you.. Consider this mercy..” I ordered my men to quickly take him back to the surface. Not allowing Fen to reach him. I glare at her and she looks at me with a rage and fury I had never seen in her before. My anger subsiding, I reach to wipe her tears away and she strikes my hand. My Men and I leave Fen and her handmaiden. As we traverse the corridor, the handmaiden screams in terror and then silence..

I rarely saw my daughter over the next several months. Many times I wanted to speak to her.. But decided against it.. To give her her space. I figured over time.. She would come to, understand. The months dragged on.. Then. One day, a handmaiden once more summoned me from my chambers. And once more me and my guards charge for Fens chambers.. I hear her scream and I quicken my pace. I bust the doors open and find her handmaidens on the other end of the room. The looks of fear and shock upon their faces. Blood soaked my daughters bed. My heart was beating like a thousand drums. The Roual physician stood over her. He jumped away at the sight of me, his face drained of color. I feared the worst until I saw Fens smiling face. She stared happily into a bundle in her arms. Could it be?! My Daughter.. With child? An heir? I was filled with such joy. I sat beside her, she looked at me with such happy eyes. “Look father.. Say hello to your grandson.. Namor.” She handed the bundle to me, “You named him after your grandfather?” I asked, “yes” she smiled. I peered in to the bundle.. My smile faded. My joy turned to sorrow. The child did not the blue skin of a pure blood attlantien.. It was.. Pale.. A Half Breed! She saw the look on my face and pleaded to me to accept him.. But how could I?!?.. This.. Abomination!.. My hand carressed the handle of my blade.. Should I allow such a thing.. Could I!?.. I glance at my daughters tearful eyes.. My daughter.. My child.. Had created life.. I sighed and handed the child back to her.. I stood, “Let it be known… Throughout the kingdom.. Fen.. Princess of Atlantis and all it’s domains.. Has.. A.. Child..” I stopped there and motioned for the room to clear. It was just us then.. “Let it be known to you daughter.. This child is no grandson of mine.. You are princess and shall remain so out of duty, and tradition. As of now you have vacated your right to the throne. Before my death I shall appoint my successor.. This.. Thing.. Will not sit upon my throne.. And neither will you!” “You can’t do that!” “Further more.. This child is your Responsibilty and yours alone! You will be allowed to live on my premises.. But not in my house! You will be given a new home outside the castle… And there you and your offspring shall remain. You will continue to keep your royal duties and appearances in my court… Is that understood?” “Get out..” “Is That Understood?” “Get. Out..” “Is. That. Understood?” “GET OUT!!” The child begins to cry..  “Is that Understood?” She says nothing more.. And at that, I left her and child there…

Twelve Long Years had passed since then. Witnessing the child grow from afar, and making it very clear it was to stay that way. Over the years the people talked and gossiped.. It was an embarrassment to say the least. But my daughter did not care.. Many knew better then to let her hear anything about her or her child. So they kept their thoughts umongst themselves. But they do talk..

The boy was so much like his mother.. Headstrong, quick to temper, some say arrogance was a strong trait he exhibited. Many times he would get into trouble with his many cousins and friends.. At least those who would be near him. Especially his cousin.. Namorita.. My nephews daughter. Many times they were brought before me afte getting in to trouble.. I left his punishments to his mother.. I had no time nor patients for it. As I watched the boy.. I noticed he was very different.. Not only by looks.. But he possesed a far greater strength then any could ever posses. He was faster and more agile then any attlantien I knew. These attributes bothered my court and advisors.. They called it unnatural.. They believe him a.. Threat.

But times were changing.. The youth of my kingdom were behaving.. Unruly. It was a known thing for them to travel to the surface world to explore and adventure.. It’s no surprise they would pick up a few things.. They called it.. ‘The Roaring Twentys’.. Such foolishness! The youth saw life in my kingdom, so ‘constricting’ and ‘old fashioned’. They began to follow a man named Korg.. A man set upon de-throning me and wanting to usher in a new era in Atlantis.. Against my counsels advice.. I let it alone.. It was just talk amongst young fools who had no hope nor chance of rebelling against the crown.. I had more important matters to attended to.. A momentus affair was upon us. One of my nephews was set to wed a cousin of The Royal Family of The Inhumans. Uniting our two great people and distant relatives after a Millenia. I was not going to allow for any distractions.

The day was upon us. Their were mumbelings  of a rebel force pressing forward. I sent my best warriors to greet them. I was not going to let anything ruin this day. Many people were gathered in the great hall. Suddenly! Reports came that the Inhuman envoy was captured, and another advancing force of Rebels were at the Castle Gates. It wasnt long before they made their way through. The Great Hall became a battleground. The rebels, Lead by Korg himself had stormed the Castle and Great Hall. My men fought valiantly. They kept they Rebels at bay, whilst Korg and I engaged In our own conflict. He was a skilled fighter, but I had many battles and wars under my belt.. But with that.. Comes age. I was becoming winded. He caught me off guard and disarmed me. I fell back. Korg raised his sword to strike me down. “Long live the king!” He mocked. He swung and I quickly reached up to block his blow. It never came. I look and am surprised to see Namor holding off Korg. A man Ten times his size. “Get back grandfather..” He grunts.. Korg struggled to break the boys grip. He turns Korgs blade on himself and send it straight through his chest, killing him. Korg falls in a heap at my feet. “Are you of Grandfather?” He offers his hand to me. “What are you doing here?!.. Did I not tell you to stay and protect your mother!?” I yelled. His hand quickly fell to his side. “But.. I thought.. I thought I could help!” “Help!? No one needs your help, Boy! Least of all me! Now go back to your mother, and stay away from me!” I yelled, Tears welled in his eyes and he ran off. The battle tides quickly changed as the Inhumans arrived. No with my second wind I was ready to return to battle. And to think!.. Me! A King.. Needing help from a child! The Nerve!

The battle ended, and all of Korgs followers captured and detained. In my throne room, my advisers, the Inhumans and I contemplated what I should do with the traitors. Just then, Fen came storming in. “What have you done!?” She screamed, “What did you tell my son!?” “Fen.. I do not have time for this..” I sighed. “Make Time!” She spat, “How dare you speak to the King in such a manner?!” Said Raidok, one of my chief advisors. She glared at him, “I speak as I please.” She hissed, turning to me, “All his life, Namor has done nothing but try and please you. Abide by your rediculous rules and did whatever he could to gain your favor and your Love! He saved your life!! And what does he get in return? You scold him! Belittle him! Are you so blinded by your prejudice?!.. Do you not see how wrong you are.. Do you not see how foolish you have become that your own people rise against you?!.. He comes home in tears and asks me why do you hate him so.. And I don’t have the words.. He’s run off and now I can’t find him!” “Good Ridence!” Raidok scoffs, “For all we know, The Half-Ling could have provoked this little rebellion in the first place..” Fen shot him a look with such ice, I felt the very chills her words carried, “Have Care of your words Raidok.. For your tounge may not be the only thing that is removed from your skull..” He glance around the room for any form of protection from the group in the room and he wisely sulked away and out of the throne room. “I Demand some guess to accompany me on my search.” She said. “I can’t.” “What?!” The Guards are already stretched to thier limits.. I can not spare anymore men at this time.. Go home Fen.. I’m sure the boy will be fine.” “That’s Just it! He. IS. Just a Boy! A child! Your Grandson! Your Heir! Have you truly no heart?!”, “Fen Please..”, “No!.. I promise you.. When I find my son.. This will be the last time you see either of us ever again!” She stormed away and as she reached the doorway she turned back and said.. “Now I Understand.. Your hatered.. I know what it feels like.. Because I share that Hate for you!” And with that.. She was gone.

I felt her words in my core.. And my head dropped.. “Leave Me..” And the room cleared.. I was alone.. And I wept..

Hours had passed and there was no word of either Fen, nor Namor returning. I began.. To worry. I waited for any word.. Any sign.. Soon word came that Fen had moved her search for Namor.. To the surface. A familier fear had came over me.. ‘Not again’.. I assembled my best men and we made our trek for the surface.”

(Coney Island. The dead of winter) As the first snowflakes of the night decend to the Ground, young Namor runs for his life. “Come back here you little freak!!” A voice yelled from behind him. Namor, still getting used to walking, let alone running, tripped over his own feet and crashed into nearby garbage cans. The Group of Drinken men that pursued him had caught up with him. “There you are, you little shit!” Said the leader. “What do you suppose it is? One of them.. Alien things from outer space?” Said one. “Wouldn’t that be something!? We could sell em to the papers.. Be rich and famous!” Said another.. “I mean look at him.. Those ears.. And eyes.. He’s real freaky lookin’” “Shit up the both of you! Who gives a shit WHAT it is! He made me look like a fool in front of that dame! Besides.. Freaks like this shouldn’t even be living!” Said the leader, as he pulled out a long switchblade from his back pocket. “I don’t know about this Charlie..” Said one of the men. “Shut it! C’mere you little shit!” He pulled Namor up by the neck, “Lets give those Ears a trim!” Just then, Fen called out to them in her language! Charlie held Namor close and with the Knife to his neck. “Holy Shit! She’s Blue!! It’s gotta be some kind of invasion or something!” Said one of the other Men. “Unhand my Son!” Fen demanded. “She Speaks English!?! Oh man! I’m out of here!” Said one of the men and he ran off. “Back off lady.. Or your little freak gets it!” Said Charlie. “Come on Charlie.. Forget it!” Fens eyes grew in raged and in one long instant, she jumped for Charlie and in reaction, he threw his hand out, knife in hand, and the blade glided across Fens exposed Neck. Blood splattered on Namors face and Charlie’s arm. He dropped Namor and Fen Landed in her sons lap. Gasping for air as her life faded away. “Mother?.. Mother? Please..” Namor cried. She reached her hand and touched his cheek. He grasped it before it could fall away. And the last bit of air left her lips.

Charlie dropped the knife and Ran.. The other two men were stuck in a stupor.. “This can’t be happening..” Said one of them..

Namor slowly turned toward them.. And in a great rage lept at them. The men screamed.. And the streets fell silent..

“We heard the screams.. And when we arrived.. I found my daughter.. My beautiful child.. Covered in blood.. Namor lay there cradling her in his small arms as he rocked back and forth. I looked around in a daze.. Surface men’s body parts lay everywhere.. Namor was drenched in blue and red blood. I fell to my knees beside the boy. He cried uncontrollably… My mind.. Everywhere.. I couldn’t do anything but place my hand on his shoulder.. And He jumped into my arms and cried.. The Boy….. My Grandson.. Held me tight and cried… And then.. I finally opened my eyes..

Fen was right… I was a fool.. Blinded by my own.. Stupidity.. I had forsaken the boy for nothing! for my own prejudice. All he wanted Was to belong and be loved.. something only His mother ever gave him.. and now, he has lost that.. we have both lost the only person that mattered to us.. Now.. all we have.. is each other! And, for the first time… In twelve Years. I embraced Namor with all my heart and  I held my grandson so tightly in my arms. “Forgive me, Child.. Please Forgive me!” And I wept.. “My lord.. We can not stay here..” I gathered myself and nodded. They took my daughters body and I lifted Namor up and cradle him in my arms..”Come my son.. My Prince.. Lets go home…”


(NOTE: Hope you folks liked that one.. I had originally penned this to be a four part mini series. Describing the early years of Namor, through the Eyes of his Grandfather King Thakorr. Eventually ending with Namor taking the Throne of Atlantis and stuff.. But I never got around to finishing the other parts.. So basically this was Issue 1!)

Hope you enjoyed it! And if you would like some more Fan Fiction Stories.. Let me know.. Any and all feed back would e greatly appreciated!

So, Until next time folks.. Peace Out!


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