10 Supernatural Party Games!

With the show that never ends up for another season, gaining more fans by the live Facebook stream, it is inevitable that Supernatural will always be a popular party theme! Although decorations and food are pretty easy (beer, cheeseburgers, and pie), the games that don’t involve alcohol are harder to think of…if your party is for those over 21, just add alcohol to each game – easy!

Which Idjit said that? ~ For this game, write Dean, Sam, Crowley, Bobby, and Castiel on index cards (or print a photo of them) and place them in separate areas around the room. Have everyone stand in the center of the room, ready to run, and read a quote from your quote sheet out loud. The guests then have to run to the name/photo of who they believe said it. Depending on the party size, use up to 20 quotes. Good way to start a party to get the energy out.

Bobby Singer

Bobby Singer

Leg Guitar Strumming Contest ~ Play “Eye of the Tiger” and have everyone stand in the center of the room and strum the leg guitar Dean style until the song is over. Last one still strumming wins!

Dean Winchester and his epic leg guitar solo

Dean Winchester and his epic leg guitar solo

Find the Hex Bags ~ This was a clever idea I found online! Create mini hex bags, tissue paper with a little candy in it, and hide them all around the party area. Let everyone know how many hex bags you’ve hidden and they have to find them all! Whoever finds the most wins!

Hex Bag Discovery

Hex Bag Discovery

Complete the Devil’s Trap! ~ Using a few yards of solid color fabric, use black fabric paint to create the devil’s trap. When it dries, cut the fabric into many pieces and place them on the seat of a chair. Have everyone work together to put the pieces together and place the chair in the center to complete it. This also makes for an awesome photo op!

Devil's Trap

Devil’s Trap

Eye of the Tiger Music Video ~ Play Dean’s Eye of the Tiger dance and practice the steps. Give each guest one move to do and play the song while you record each person in order doing their dance move. In the end, you’ll have a hilariously accurate creation to replay and share on social media!


Hunter, Demon, Angel ~ At the beginning of the party, give each guest a small folded card with Hunter, Demon, or Angel on it. Throughout the party they have to try to guess who is who. There is only one guess allowed for each guest, so they can’t just keep guessing until they’re correct. The way to figure it out is by interacting in the way that their kind would. The hunters can flick “holy water” out of their cup, the demons can try to get the guests to do something bad, and the angels can try to speak very matter-of-factly (like Castiel, “Dean this isn’t funny, the voice says I’m almost out of minutes”). It’s a fun and easy way to get people to talk to guests they may not know.

Who doesn't love Demon Dean?!

Who doesn’t love Demon Dean?!

Tablet Translation ~ Choose a fun message about the party, or the guest of honor and write it down on 1 of 5 gray pieces of cardboard (painted) – this will become the final tablet. Google a few easy codes, depending on what the average age of the party guests are to make sure it’s not too difficult. An easy one would be letters to the alphabet (1 = A, and so on). Create 1-5 tablets with the fun message being the final, and the others being simple clues as to where the final is hidden. Hide them around the party area and let everyone try to find and decipher them together.

Kevin Tran reading a tablet

Kevin Tran reading a tablet

Temporary Tattoo Station ~ Using temporary tattoo paper, which you can find in craft stores or online, print everyone an anti-possession tattoo! You can also print color ones for fun such as Castiel’s hand print, mark of Cain, etc. Remember to reverse/mirror the image before printing or it will be backwards when you apply it.

"Jus In Bello"-- Pictured (L-R) Jared Padalecki as Sam and Jensen Ackles as Dean in SUPERNATURAL on The CW.  Sergei Bachlakov/The CW©2007 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

“Jus In Bello”– Pictured (L-R) Jared Padalecki as Sam and Jensen Ackles as Dean in SUPERNATURAL on The CW. Sergei Bachlakov/The CW©2007 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Create a Hunter’s Kit ~ Set up a station with empty jars/bottles and random things (some can be funny like a spatula, lollipops, etc) then let everyone grab a few things to create their very own hunter’s kit. After they’re all done, go around the room and have everyone explain how they will use each and every one of their items.

The Impala Weapon Stash

The Impala Weapon Stash

Pie-Eating Contest ~ It wouldn’t be Supernatural without Dean’s pie! Have a pie-eating contest while playing fun music like Eye of the Tiger or Carry on my Wayward Son. To make sure people still have room for cake and other snacks, choose the small pies from a grocery store bakery (4″ small foil pans), or just fill a foil pie pan with a thin layer of whipped cream.


Hope these ideas help create some fun party activities! Happy hunting!


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