Netflix: Horror Must Watch List (SPOILER FREE)

I’m always in the mood to watch a good horror or sci-fi flick, so when I’m tired of rewatching the classics like “Hellraiser” or “Exorcist”, I browse the Netflix catalog for something new. Although there are hundreds of mediocre horror thrillers, I found a select few that were fantastic in many different ways. Whether its perfectly timed graphic violence, or an original concept that’s flawlessly executed (pardon the pun), these films are an absolute must watch for any horror fanatic. So cuddle up, pop some popcorn, and check these out tonight!


The Invitation (NR) 1hr 40min

Netflix Description: “A get-together with his ex and her new husband? Accepting is the polite thing to do. But maybe not the most prudent.”

Review: Without spoiling, this film has an intense feel to it, as you see Will and his girlfriend, Kira, attend a lavish gathering hosted by his ex, Eden, and her new beau. As if that isn’t awkward enough, Will and Eden have a tortured past that involves the loss of a child followed by her 2 year estrangement. Wondering what the evening could be about, Will and Kira are open minded, but cautious. When Will feels that something isn’t quite right, the evening takes a sinister turn. The last 60 seconds of this film stayed with me, and I had to watch it again just to catch every single hint. Quite terrifying in the real world sense. No monsters or paranormal here, just plain suspense and terror.


Holidays (NR) 1hr 46min

Netflix Description: “Christmas. Mother’s Day. Easter. New Year’s Day. They’re not always the most wonderful times of the year.”

Review: I was a huge fan of the “Masters of Horror” series, and this was the closest thing to that I’ve seen. A visual horror anthology featuring some amazing writers, including Kevin Smith, this film is a treat for any genre junkie. Suspenseful plots, creepy character design, surprise twists, and that’s just one short. One of my favorite parts about this film was that the holiday reveal wasn’t until after each short, and although most were easy to guess, it was fun to watch it unravel.


Stranger Things (TV-14) 1 season

Netflix Description: “On his way home from a friend’s house, young Will sees something terrifying. Nearby, a sinister secret lurks in the depths of a government lab.”

Review: This series is so refreshing and a definite watch for anyone that appreciates science fiction at it’s core. With a slight “Super 8” feel with the child’s POV being a focal point, and music that echos “It Follows”, you’ll be hooked. Winona Ryder is genuine and sincere playing missing child, Will’s, worried single mother, and leaves you feeling her wide range of emotions with her. The special effects are phenomenal and I would not have changed one moment of this series. The graphics were beautiful, characters highly ordinary and easy to relate to, and concept original. This is my favorite aspect of a story, when there is a doorway in the real world into fantasy and this is definitely it!


Black Mirror (TV-MA) 3 seasons

IMDB Description: “A television anthology series that shows the dark side of life and technology.”

Review: If you watched the clip featured above, you’re probably thinking you have no idea what it is. That clip is a mesh of the first season, which in Sherlock fashion, is only three episodes long. This is an anthology series, so none of the episodes connect and they are all their own stories. Many of these shorts show the near and possible future, while some are futuristic and fantastical, but the one thing remains – darkness. Although this isn’t a feel-good series, as it shows the flaws in human nature as it evolves with technology in different ways, it’s incredibly fascinating and so well-written. It’s definitely worth a watch, but not for the faint of heart, as some of the stories could crush your spirit…yet keep you binge-watching because it’s so damn interesting.


Hush (R) 1hr 21min

Netflix Description: “A deaf writer who retreated to the woods to live a solitary life must fight for her life in silence when a masked killer appears in her window.”

Review: I was so pleasantly surprised with this film, and I think my low expectations had to do with the description. I suppose the concept didn’t really grab my attention, but as soon as I watched it, I loved it. Having a deaf main character is something I’ve never seen, and the fact that through the entire movie the viewer can hear everything, but you know she can’t is terrifying. I always just assumed that a killer who sees that their potential victim has a disability would move on, but this one is pretty diabolical. She may have been deaf, but she used her resources wisely and brought a new meaning to scream queen. I really liked two main aspects of this film: 1. She was a genuine person and didn’t suddenly learn to fight a trained killer. 2. The killer had no back story – he was just an insanely smart serial killer. For an intense cat and mouse slasher flick, this is perfection.


Those are my top pics for now, but don’t forget the ones I featured in previous articles:

The Taking of Deborah Logan (R) 1hr 30min


Creep (R) 1hr 17min


Any favorites you have? Comment and tell me! 🙂



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