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As much as I adore writing, I have officially branched out to start a Youtube channel, Twitch account, Patreon, and am awaiting Dripthat’s anticipated Andriod app launch soon! This is all in hopes of taking bigger steps towards making cosplay and a comic con career more of a legitimate possibility. I’ll be sharing all of my progress in hopes of connecting with more people, creating more content, and maybe one day becoming an official cosplay guest/panelist at cons all over the country (and even the world if I wasn’t so terrified of flying over the ocean)!


To start, here’s what you can expect from each outlet…

Twitch:( Twitch.tv/exxxterminaaate ) Yes, that is indeed a whovian reference! On Twitch, I’ll be streaming cosplay creation, creative writing, steampunk jewelry making, and more! I really have enjoyed some of the channels I’ve watched and I think getting live feedback from others could have a beneficial impact on my creations! I’ve already set up my channel, and am just finalizing the overlays, bot commands, and webcam location on my work station. If you’re on Twitch, please feel free to follow my channel and I’ll return the favor by liking yours too!

Patreon: I’m in the preliminary stages of finalizing my account and editing the intro video and perks for subscribers. Having a broad spectrum of interests allows me to offer a more diverse perks and benefits list, so hopefully that will help me fund my dream of making this a career. I’m not only creating cosplays, but in my spare time, I’m using them to impact my community by appearing at charity events, shelters, etc. Currently everything I do comes out of my own pocket, including this website and the domain. I am funding everything on my own, and I choose not to litter everything with ads. I don’t want my blogs becoming click bait. I want everyone to enjoy reading without being bothered by ads. This is a noble venture, but doesn’t return the financial favor. I set up this Patreon to help me fund what is the most important passion I have.

Youtube: Finally, my venture into the world of Youtube. At this point I only have a handful of videos and all but one are simply audio commentary with corresponding photos. I will be uploading something new at least once a week, and if you have any topic ideas in mind, I invite everyone to comment below to voice your opinion. I’d be happy to cover a multitude of topics! Here are the videos I’ve created thus far:

I’ll keep updating everyone, as my Dripthat account should be complete soon. If you connect with me on any of these accounts, feel free to shout out and I’ll follow back!

Thank you, everyone and I hope to update you on my next cosplay progress! It’s an original idea and I’m finally using EVA foam for armor! Tutorials and live streams will be available if you want to watch!




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Happily married and living in Wisconsin. It may be as cold as Hoth, but it's beautiful in the Summer.

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