Through Heaven and Hell: A (very) Brief Experience With Supernatural

I started watching Supernatural about a month ago upon being borderline harassed by my fangirl besties. I’ve been a Buffy girl ever since episode one and it encouraged my love for shows of the like, such as Doctor Who, Sherlock, Firefly, etc. Something that’s been plaguing me is the references to Heaven and Hell. To be clear, before I start, I am only on the 12th or 13th episode of the 4th season in Supernatural. I am going to finish it, but sometimes I feel like I’m pushing myself through it (like force reading my way through “Eclipse” of the Twilight Saga) due to the difference between season one and where I am now.



Before you Supernatural fans get me, let me say I absolutely adore the Winchester brothers. They have to be some of the most entertaining and complex characters on television, which is why the show is still going strong. My issue lies within the title of the series and the turn of events. Without discussing my personal viewpoint on religion (something I am not going to do on this blog or publicly), I just want to express that I began watching this show because I am intrigued with the supernatural, and heard nothing but good things about it. Season one had me hooked and I binge-watched it in less than a few days.

Now that I’m on season four, I just can’t shake the feeling that I’m watching a different show. Before there were more paranormal and science fiction type of episodes, and now, all I can see is a war between angels and demons. This would be entertaining if they didn’t refer to God and/or Satan (Lucifer). I can’t help but feel that this transition could alienate a portion of the fan base. Not that I don’t think Cas is cool though…



When I watched Buffy, Joss Whedon was brilliant enough to use discussions and mentions of Heaven and Hell as dimensions. When Buffy learns that Sunnydale exists over a Hellmouth, they don’t reference that it’s the biblical place where the devil lives, it’s simply a demon dimension. This is also true when Buffy is pulled out of a dimension she believes could have been Heaven (in season 6). I enjoyed watching that show with friends, because regardless of everyone’s beliefs, using the word “dimension” to describe Heaven or Hell was all inclusive, and kept the story just that – a story.



My struggle with Supernatural is that this is not the case. I miss the season one content, and really wish there would be less focus on angels and more focus on shapeshifters, reapers, and the mystery of a bad childhood memory. Had this show been titled something else, I may have had a better idea of the concept, or if the show existed without the Angels or Lucifer, it would be more my style.

So here I sit tonight, ready to eat my homemade pizza and watch Netflix having an inner debate about philosophy, the bible, and the Winchester boys. I’m going to stick with it and keep watching, and maybe I’ll change my mind, but as of now…I’m wishing Joss Whedon would have written it.



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