Nerdy Gifts Even Krampus Would Love…Part Two

Since there were so many nerdtastic gift ideas, I decided to do this holiday list as a two-parter like last year! If you’re still looking for that perfect present for the special fangirl (or fanboy) in your life, don’t waste time standing in lines at Hot Topic or Walmart for cool, quirky gifts – read on my wayward son, and make your own!

1.The Avengers ~ Tesseract

Since I spent Part One talking about a lot of TV shows, I wanted to focus a little more on comics and video games for Part Two. To start this list off, I found an amazingly simple DIY tutorial for a tesseract. This would be such a cool addition to a desk, or if you’re like me and you’re afraid of the dark for life, then this would be a nerdy way to hide that if you use it as a nightlight. The amount of Avengers merchandise you can buy in stores and online is limitless, but this is something that you won’t find everywhere. It’s definitely worth making, even if you make it for yourself. Check out the tutorial and see how simple it is! (And yay for the Supernatural posters in the background of this vid!)


2.Resident Evil ~ T-Virus Vial Prop

This rad gift is something you’d only see at a convention. Finding video game merchandise is a bit harder to find if it’s not the usual apparel or figure item, so this tutorial is really helpful for creating your own T-Virus prop replica! It’s a bit complicated, so check Youtube for simpler versions if this seems a bit advanced. There are plenty of ways to change this process around, but of all tutorials, this one had what I felt to be the best end result. It would look awesome in a nerd cave, or sitting next to a console. There are websites that you can go to if you’re set on ordering this, but in the spirit of Krampus, it would be more meaningful to create this one on your own.


3.Batman (Arkham Game Series) ~ Batarang

Finding Batman merchandise is simple. Anyone can dress like Batman, but what’s cooler than wearing the mask?…Having a Batarang! Again, this tutorial is a little advanced, however the finished product looks a lot cooler than simply cutting the shape of a batarang out of foam or cardboard. This tutorial instructs you to use a different material, which makes it feel more realistic weight-wise verses using something cheaper and thinner. This is a definite must – especially for the superfan who is already pumped to see the movie coming out in 2016. Check it out!


4.Mario Kart ~ Banana Plush & More

Even for the moderate or occasional gamer, Mario Kart is a sure thing. Everyone at some point has played Mario, and I have never met anyone who didn’t enjoy playing it. This banana project is sure to be a fun and nerdy gift for the Nintendo lover in your life. After finding this tutorial, I noticed it was simple felt needlework and many more videos were included, so I added more than just the banana tutorial. This is easy to do and doesn’t require a sewing machine, just some patience.


5.Captain America ~ Shield

This is by far one of the cooler looking tutorials I’ve seen, and it’s so much easier than I originally thought it was going to be! I definitely need to try this out – especially to bring to comic con as a fun cosplay accessory! The shine finish on this looks fantastic, and makes it look like actual metal! If you don’t have a ton of time, this would definitely be a great option! It’s also actual size, as opposed to making a desk prop for collectible purposes.


That’s it for the two part holiday DIY series this year! I hope you enjoyed it and don’t forget to tweet me @TrendyNerdyCool and comment below if you try any of these tutorials – or if you make your own!



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