Nerdy Gifts Even Krampus Would Love…Part One



It’s that time of year again – no, not the joy of Winter and caroling. It’s the time of savage consumers with the look of determination in their eyes, ready to hulk out at any moment to obtain the last of an item on Black Friday. Department stores become the Thunderdome, and for those that love the nontraditional gifts, the holidays can be a bit confusing. Well, fear not, this list might save your yule ball celebration!

1.Harry Potter ~ Mandrake

c/o Click image to view tutorial.

c/o Click image to view tutorial.

What to get for a muggle that has everything? Mandrake of course! This small potted Mandrake is easily made out of clay (available in the craft section at any Walmart or craft store), and makes the perfect addition to any Harry Potter collection! Sitting this little root on your desk is always a fun way to “weed” out (he he) fellow fans, so it’s not only an adorable knick knack made from the heart, but an easy way to make friends that share your awesome interests! There are two tutorials below, the first is the the video where the above image is from, the second is a much more complicated tutorial for a more complex Mandrake that actually makes noise. Take a gander a both, and see where your skill level lies – first year or fourth year – no age lines, so choose freely!

Youtube Tutorial for simple Mandrake (clay):

Instructables link to tutorial for Screaming Mandrake:

c/o Instructables. Click image for tutorial.

c/o Instructables. Click image for tutorial.


2.Doctor Who ~ Weeping Angel Tree Topper

Hello Sweetie! Click image for tutorial.

Hello Sweetie! Click image for tutorial.

What’s better than Christmas? The Christmas Doctor Who Special! Just make sure you don’t blink during the episode if this weeping angel topper is on your tree. Create this with just simple items you can pick up anywhere, and show off your Doctor Who obsession all year round. After the holidays, this tree topper can be used like Elf on a Shelf! Scare your friends by hiding this in random places…why? Because life is short and you are hot. Click the image above, or below, to read the tutorial!

Spoilers...Click (don't blink) for the instructions.

Spoilers…Click (don’t blink) for the instructions.


3.Supernatural ~ Touched by Cas Shirt

Provocative hand placement, but hey, he's an angel he can do what he wants. Click image for tutorial.

Provocative hand placement, but hey, he’s an angel he can do what he wants. Click image for tutorial.

If you’re a Supernatural fan, as I just joined the SPN family, this shirt is such a must have! The best gifts are the ones that are hand made…literally. Even better than the gift itself, are the jokes you’ll be able to make. When someone describes their traditional Christmas, you can say you had a supernatural experience and were touched by an angel – yeah, take that coworkers around the holy water cooler. You could even use an old shirt you don’t want anymore if you want to do this DIY project for even less! Check out the tutorial below to create the same shirt, or for a guy gift, place the hand on the shoulder like Deans…or leave them on the man boobs since angels can be a bit frisky.


4.Star Wars ~ Death Star Globe

*Waves hand slowly* This is the tutorial you're looking for.

*Waves hand slowly* This is the tutorial you’re looking for.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…you made this Death Star Globe. This incredibly easy project can be even less expensive if you visit your local thrift stores to see if they have any globes since you’re just going to paint over it anyway. If not, the cost of creating something as awesome as this is still far from the dark side. Aside from being a fun decor item in your nerd cave, this would also be a fun addition to a desk. The hardest part about making a Death Star Globe? Giving it away…but then again, to a trained Jedi, a slow wave of your fingers could land this gift right back in your hands. Take a look at the tutorial below to see how easy and fun this project is!


5.Sherlock ~ 221B Baker St. Diary

By deductive reasoning, I can see you're looking for a holiday present...and your breath smells like eggnog.

By deductive reasoning, I can see you’re looking for a holiday present…and your breath smells like eggnog.

To complete your fandom collection, and to create a cool gift for your friends, you can make a really easy Sherlock Diary – just in time for the special! The materials to make this project can be found mostly anywhere, but to find the dollhouse door, you’ll have to order it online or check out your local Hobby Lobby. This gift is really unique and the perfect addition to any Sherlock fan’s collection! You’ll have plenty of time to fill up this journal, or two, while breathlessly awaiting the next season…seriously…don’t hold your breath. Below is the full video tutorial!


That’s part one, guys! I’ll have part two up by the end of this week, so hopefully you can get some fandomtastic ideas! Make sure to comment and share pics on here or on twitter @TrendyNerdyCool if you make anything on here!



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