Coolest Things to do With Your Body When You Die

Ashes to ashes, dust to…coral reef? Making final arrangements in today’s world leaves more that just the typical casket or creamation choice. Many like to remember their loved ones with some of the new and growing trends popping up on the internet…and into the ocean. Here are some of the most interesting ways for your loved ones to remember you long after you’re gone (or haunting them):

1. Eternal Reef

Eternal Reefs is a company that gives you a way to be remembered and to help marine life. Turning your ashes into an Eternal Reef is a decision that an environmentally conscious person would best be honored with. The structure of the reef is a sphere with holes all over to provide a habitiat for ocean life while still helping to rebuild the dying reefs. It’s also symbolic as a human death aides in bringing life to another part of the world. If you’re an ocean lover, this is for you. Eternal Reefs also include options for pets, and spouses (or families). Did I mention your Eternal Reef ball comes with a GPS location, and has a bronze plaque bearing a memorial to you? This truly is a beautiful option!

James Albury Reef Sarasota

James Albury Reef Sarasota


2. Tattoo Preservation

If you have a meaningful tattoo or two…or three…or ten, this new service allows you to preserve your inked skin after death. The National Association For The Preservation of Skin Art, or NAPSA, now gives you the ability to have your tattooed skin preserved and framed as a piece of art for generations. Every tattoo is a story, whether it’s the tattoo’s meaning, who it’s for, when it was inked, etc. and saving that memory is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.


3. Donate Your Body To Science

If you’re not sentimental, or you’d rather do something for the greater good, you always have the option to donate your body to science after you die. There are certain stipulations as to when certain places will not accept a body donation, such as traumatic events in passing or some serious diseases, but you can always do your research. MedCure is a great organization with a lot of interesting information on their website as to what your whole body donation will help science do! It’s amazing to think what your donation could lead to in the medical field. Be part of medical history with MedCure!


4. Launch Your Remains Into Space

If you always loved looking up at the stars and thinking about how big the universe really is, or you find yourself captured by the symbolism of a loved one looking down upon you, this is definitely the option for you. Elysium Space is a company that will take a symbolic portion of your ashes (because the cost of launch is very pricey) and launch it into the Earth’s orbit. One of the coolest parts is that the launch is webcast live, or you’re free to attend! You can even choose to engrave the cap of the silver cube you place the remains in. This is something that is quickly gaining popularity, so check it out and maybe this might be the perfect post-life choice for you!


5. Cremation Jewelry

For those of you that like the idea of family heirlooms, this option is really beautiful. Imagine a bride on her wedding day that just wishes her late grandmother could have been there – what if there was a way she could be there symbolically? With Cremation Solutions, you can turn ashes of a loved one into lovely pieces of jewelry – even diamonds, making special days even more special because you’re allowing those lost to be there with you always. The ability to carry someone with you, on a ring or necklace, is priceless, and luckily now you can have it!


No matter what mattered to you, or defined you, in life, there’s a way to carry that with you after death. Don’t settle for a casket and traditional funeral if it’s not for you. Look into ways to be remembered that make people think of you. Maybe you want to help marine life, or modern medicine, or orbit the Earth…no matter what you find suitable for your remains, make it something best suited to you.



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