There’s a highly amusing hashtag on Twitter allowing users to share their crushes, old photos, and suggestions on what other accounts should be followed. For those of you who have a Twitter account, feel free to follow me at @TrendyNerdyCool and for those of you who don’t, keep reading! Just for fun, here is my hashtag week!

1. #MCM ~ “Man Crush Monday”

This is the day of the week that you can shamelessly declare your crush on any man. Of course as a happily married nerd, I only have eyes for my hubby, however for you guys I’ll have a little fun. My #MCM would go out to Spike from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” or The Doctor from “Doctor Who”. It’s not a looks game (especially considering the Doctor changes), it’s a moment of clarity where they fearlessly face something and all they can think of is that one woman. Enjoy my two favorite moments…no Rose on the beach…that’s just mean.


2. #TransformationTuesday

So on this day, all of us get to share a photo of the ugly ducklings we used to be. I haven’t really had the urge to participate in this one as much, considering I had glasses, braces, AND a back brace all at the same time in school (did I mention I was also in the marching band?). Needless to say, just imagine an even worse version of Katy Perry in the “T.G.I.F.” video.

c/o calmdowntom.com

c/o calmdowntom.com


3. #WCW ~ Woman Crush Wednesday

This is probably one of my favorite social media days because in a world where girls can be very critical and cruel, this gives us the platform to declare our admiration for who we believe to be the coolest women ever. My #WCW dedication is an infinite broken record, as Sarah Michelle Gellar has always been that female role model for me. From her style to her charity work to her characters, I think she is easily one of the coolest ladies in the universe.

c/o rebloggy.com

c/o rebloggy.com


4. #TBT ~ Throw Back Thursday

A shout out to the old you, or friends you used to know, or really anything that makes you nostalgic. For me, I usually post a cosplay or comic con photo that I have a fond memory of – especially my favorite ones where I met Stan Lee and some of the Buffy cast! This time, I’ll actually show you something I wrote for a micro horror story website under the pen name, Sophie Revello. It can be seen on the website Microhorror.com and the link will take you directly to my super short story. I’ll copy and paste it here also (and throw in my Stan Lee bragging rights…).

September 16, 2010


I’ve watched you. I’ve followed you everywhere. I’ve waited for you.

I know what time you tuck your snotty little children into bed at night and I know where you hide the soft pack of cigarettes when you feel like a smoke. You see, there’s nothing about you I can’t discover by simple observation. I write it all down and my old book is almost full now. You’ve closed your curtains before, but I have many ways of… oh dear, I almost spoiled the surprise.

I’ve narrowed it down to a few choices for my masterpiece. There are, of course, the classic and traditional ways, but I want this time to be special… unique. I want to try something new and different. I don’t approve of guns and I don’t have the strength to lift dead weight, pardon the pun, so those are just unacceptable. And besides, how could anyone call you my “art” if your brain matter is spattered everywhere and your perfect face houses a gaping hole? I could never bring myself to that… your wallpaper is too lovely.

Fire is always an option. Have you ever watched a photograph burn slowly in the moonlight? It’s quite a wonderful experience, sort of freeing really. Slowly it spreads, reaching for more virgin surface to cover in flame. Skin burns beautifully, you know. It’s harder to watch when the canvas is still breathing… still screaming… still flailing about like a fish out of water. I’d have to paralyze you first, you see, to make sure I don’t miss the once in a lifetime occasion. (Well, once in your lifetime anyway.) So, I think I’ll have to put a thick black line through that and move on to the next bullet point on the list.

I began to contemplate the symbolic aura of water, but it’s as I said before–no use in trying to admire the artistic technique and expertise I’d have to exercise if you’re moving and kicking all about like your unruly offspring. I could inhibit your breathing before, but then it wouldn’t be the same. You’d have a peaceful mask over your face and it would disguise the expressions of fear and hopelessness, which is the focal point of my art. I crossed it off of my list before for the same reasons, and I’ll do it again for you. I can’t have you ruining my work, dear; I won’t have it. What’s next on the list?

I’ve decided! This is such a momentous occasion! I feel like dancing a jig! I’ve decided what my masterpiece, my most proud work, will be. I know how you love to keep a neat and tidy household. I’ve watched you dust and vacuum while running the washer twice to ensure there are no stains anywhere. I find that important as well, so I will ensure that for decades, the world will know what a tidy housewife looks like inside. It’s quite the paradox, don’t you think? I have just the tools. I’ll open you up like an oyster, and hang your untidiness up like pearls on Christmas garland. Your blue eyes would make the loveliest earrings, though. I know it’s selfish, but I can’t pass up a good piece of original jewelry. I’ll make you a beauty inside and just like out. You would like that, wouldn’t you? I know you always want to look your best.

Now that I’ve finally made up my mind and gathered my things, it’s time. You’ve been expecting my knock upon your door and I’ve been waiting. You were always such a patient child.

“Kids, Grandma’s here! Come say hello!”



Norman Reedus


Stan Lee






5. #FF ~ Follow Friday

This hashtag day is so much fun! I get the chance to tell everyone who I think is awesome! If you’re a follower of mine and you mention me in a #FF tweet, I will gladly retweet and return the favor to send more followers your way! There are plenty of Twitter accounts that I really enjoy following that I never would have known about had it not been for a #ff tweet. Here are the ones you should check out now:

Wayward Raven Comics ~ @waywardraven

We Geek Girls ~ @WeGeekGirls

Cate and Em ~ @AllGeek2MeRadio

Eclectic Goods ~ @EclecticGoods

Boston Metaphysical ~ @MHollyRosing

Marvel Inc. ~ @sgsonny70

6. #SocialSaturday

I hadn’t heard of this one at first, but it’s basically where you can share absolutely anything you want that is amusing to you. I love how open this one is, so if someone gives me the opportunity to share things that amuse me, be prepared to laugh and read some hilarious memes…mostly the Coral ones from “The Walking Dead”…gets me every time.

c/o weknowmemes.com

c/o weknowmemes.com



c/o pinterest.com

c/o pinterest.com










7. #SS ~ Selfie Sundays

To end the social media week, there is Selfie Sunday. I’m not a fan of selfies, nor am I good at taking them without propping up my phone and setting a timer. Just this ONE time though, I’ll play along…kind of…


That’s all for now guys! Share, comment, or come follow me on Twitter 🙂


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