Year One Anniversary!!

We made it! It has officially been one year since I started this blog, and I can honestly say that it’s given me the immense pleasure of meeting (well, online meeting) some of the coolest and most creative people in the world! I’ve gotten the opportunity to interview comic creators, artists, writers, and even a real life superhero! I’ve blogged about funny videos, DIYs I’ve tried, and outlandish ideas of aliens and conspiracies. With that behind me, there’s so much more I’d love to accomplish in the coming year on Comics and Cashmere!

1 year work anniversary

Coming up, I’ll be taking a page out of the clever book of some of my fellow bloggers and creating more of a blogging schedule so everyone can better expect my updates…much better to reach you with, my dear!

I’ll also be working on a Youtube series that will hopefully be a better look at the vast world of comic con, comics, fashion, and pop culture. I’ll be attending the Minneapolis Wizard World in May, so be ready to see cosplay blogs and comic con interviews!

Being offline during this past month, I’ve started a business of my own where I offer my services as a personal stylist to help dress ladies in my area on a budget – so I’ll have plenty of great money saving tips for anyone into the Cashmere side of this blog. If you’d like to follow my business Twitter account for lots of fashion tips, DIYs, coupons, and more then search for @JenniferTLG and stay tuned for lots of great stuff!  🙂

And lastly, but not leastly, I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of the book I’ve also been working on – I know! So many projects, but I can’t help myself! To give everyone a basic idea, it’s a sci fi novel 😉 That’s all you get for now, I’ll be posting excerpts once I proof read a little more.

If there is anything you’d like me to write about or if you have a product/comic/film you’d like me to feature, please feel free to email me! I’m so excited to see what year two brings for! Thank you so much to everyone that has followed, retweeted, commented, and favorited this page (and all it’s social media outlets) this year!

Thank you all!




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Happily married and living in Wisconsin. It may be as cold as Hoth, but it's beautiful in the Summer.

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