Are We There Yet? A Brief Look at Conspiracy Theories…

Conspiracy theories have always been controversial, ranging from government-staged moon landings to secret organizations that hold the power of world domination. There are even conspiracy theories built around those researching consipracy theories, possibly as a cautionary tale to others that could get too close to the supposed truth. If any of these theories are actually true, why would anyone go through such trouble to keep the truth hidden? Is it that the information itself, or could it be how it changes the world? In the quest for truth, maybe unknown individuals like the “men in black” or “the smoking man” may just be looking for a way to maintain order and protect us. In other words, why aren’t we ready to know?

Indigenous-Reptilian aliens

1. Alien Life

Whether they come from another planet in peace or abduct sleeping humans for experimentation, aliens have been a main source of conspiracy theory subject matter. The amount of footage featuring strange lights in the sky, mutilated livestock, and crop circles is astonishing, making it hard to deny there isn’t something abnormal occurring. Some believe that a reptilian species posing as human have already infiltrated the highest forms of world governments. Is is possible that alien life is out there? Is it possible that if they exist, they could already be here on Earth? While we ponder the chance and possibility, think about what could happen if that information was suddenly common knowledge. Popular cinema has already touched upon similar scenarios with films like “Avatar” and “E.T.” suggesting that humanity may welcome an alien race with open arms, it would only be to mask their true intentions. What would the world be like if we knew about alien life?

Humanity is always fighting itself. We fight for equality only to oppress the next group for their religion, race, orientation, or gender. Take a brief moment to clear your mind and imagine a breaking news announcement about an alien civilization living on Earth. What would humanity do if an alien race were to attempt to live along side it? If you’re realistic, you imagined a world in war. There would be some that would view them as interesting beings to learn from, while others trapped in their old ways, would treat them as inferior and we would be doomed to repeat tragic events in history like the Civil War or the Holocaust.

We are not all bad, but are we really ready to share this planet with another race when we have yet to master living peacefully with our own? If government agencies or world powers exist to hide the truth about extraterrestrial life, it is only for the preservation of this world and theirs. Maybe in the distant future we will have survived long enough to learn how to peacefully coexist, but now is not that time.



2. Subliminal Messaging and Mind Control

Making the general public think a certain way about something such as a person or product could be as simple as skillfully inserting a phrase or image into a commercial. Doesn’t sound that dangerous? Think of it as terms of mind control, like the Imperio curse in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Subliminal messaging is suspected of being placed in commercials, movies, and even music. Another popular conspiracy theory concerning mind control is the use of flouride. Flouride in water and toothpaste has been brought to light as the effects of this have been rumored to decrease IQ and make masses easier to influence. Of course, there are clinical reports that could support and disprove this, so the choice of what to believe is left to you.

Why do conspiracy theorists care you might wonder? If the masses could be influenced to vote a certain way, purchase a certain product, join a certain military branch…catching the idea? When the masses have a diluted brain power, then are influenced to be in favor of a particular decision, the holder of this devoted majority could have carte blanche to wage war on any country, elect any leader, and make any company ridiculously wealthy. This power could, of course, be used to force world peace or end poverty by influencing those higher social classes to donate, however even those with the best intentions can easily be corrupted with absolute power.

In this day and age, if the evidence of mind control could become public knowledge, what would become of mankind? How would we react to those that attempted to influence the future of our world? Most likely anger and outrage would erupt, and many would fight to bring these elite to justice. It would be a messy battle, but would not end the world as we know it. Are we ready for that knowledge to surface today? Most likely.



3. Paranormal Activity

For decades people have attempted to make contact with those who have passed whether it be through seances, ouiji boards, prayer, or dreams. Saying goodbye to someone you love is devastating, but being able to maintain that line of communication ensures that they’re still with us and that there is life after death. This belief in ghosts wasn’t as widely acceptable to admit until recent years with ghost hunting becoming more of a lucrative career than a mere curiosity. Television shows like “Ghost Hunters” on SyFy and “Ghost Adventures” on the Travel Channel have made paranormal investigating a household name and topic of dinner conversation.

Why would this be a conspiracy theory and how would it impact the way we live our daily lives? If it were to become public knowledge that after death we become ghosts if we have unfinished business or people left to watch over, what would this world become? If you jumped at the thought, you didn’t think hard enough. If anything, including the existance of the paranormal, could threaten any part of religion as a whole, those who follow it would plunge into chaos. If a religious belief of what happens in the afterlife is destroyed, then so is it’s foundation. Starting to create a dangerous image?

On the contrary, if there is absolutely no chance that the paranormal is a factual occurance, the destruction of hope for the believers could be just as dangerous. When it comes to the static voice on an EVP recording or the spike in temperature in an empty room, are we as a whole ready to know the truth behind paranormal activity?



4. Apocalypse and Planet Colonization

When humankind inevitably makes this planet uninhabitable, where will it go to further itself? Is there another planet that has secretly been proven habitable? How will the chosen be selected to colonize? If you can already see the potential disintegration of social order, you’re on point. When the billions of people on this world see that the end may be near, complete and utter chaos will reign and the movie “The Purge” will look like a children’s bedtime story. The fight to survive is built into every living thing’s genetic makeup. To threaten the survival of every life on this planet is to throw the entire system into madness. Everyone has seen films like “Day After Tomorrow” and “2012” depicting the end of days, and some of the human behavior is accurate. Looting, calling family, travel, and stock pile shopping are all part of doomsday preparation and action.

So what would happen if not only was it announced that the world was going to end, but that there were a select few that would be propelled to another planet to start our race over again? Everyone in their primal fight for survival would demand to know why not them, and some would say if no them, then no one. Humankind would destroy eachother before a natural disaster ever got the chance and we would never survive to tell the tale. Spock once said, “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one”, but logic holds no candle to survival. If this scenario were to become a reality, what would you do if you found out many would be saved and you were not one of them?

Considering the facts, would you really want to know that the world was going to end if it was going to happen in a way that we would never even see it coming? Or would you want to just live out your days in peace never knowing which would be your last? In the event of our world’s end, are we ready to know when, and are we prepared to let a chosen group begin a new civilization?



Although these are a small few of the vast conspiracy theories out there, the verdicts of whether we’re prepared to handle the truth can be applied to them all. The organizations that keep these secrets are stereotyped as evil, but are they really? If everything were to be released and every person could have the opportunity to know, would you want to live in that world? Are we as a civilization ready to face some of the biggest truths in this universe? Maybe that day will come, but today is not that day.




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