Best DIY Gift for Nerds: Part Two (Electric Boogaloo)

And now the continuation of last month’s blog for nerdy DIY gifts…

Some of the greatest gifts are those that are handmade, and what better to give than a gift that celebrates one’s beloved fandom? We covered some of the best franchises in the last post, like Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter, so with Christmas right around the corner here are some more fantiastic options that will keep you out of the holiday aisles at Wally World.

1. R2-D2 Trashbin


This is the perfect gift for your college roomie, or cubicle neighbor, to show off their Star Wars love. It’s simple to recreate and you don’t need a lot of detailed instructions, plus you can make this in any size so it’s perfect for a desktop or corner space. As if that’s not enough, the best part about this gift is that every time they throw something away, they can bend down and say, “help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope”. Check out the instructions if you need to at: R2D2 Trash Bin!


2. Jarred Golden Snitch


Amid the piles of Harry Potter books, and tales of the like, a fun novelty is a “captured” Golden Snitch on your bookshelf is the perfect focal point and conversation starter. The story of how you caught it could also be a fun counterpart to the recipient’s Christmas (or holiday) card. It’s something so simple that you can create with ping pong balls, spray paint, a mason jar, and a few other odds and ends, but looks awesome when complete. Follow the simple instructions to make this gift: Golden Snitch Replica!


3. Mario Wine Glasses


There are many different things you could do with painting wine glasses, but this is one of my favorites! For the nights that you’re glued to your controller, or the days that you just want to sport your favorite game, these glasses make a fun and thoughtful gift. There are plenty of places to find instructions, but I would use the photo or your own imagination for inspiration. For bonus points, paint a large square gift box for clever presentation!


4. Dancing Baby Groot


With Guardians in the Galaxy being one of the biggest comic movies ever made, there is an increasing demand for merchandise. This could make holiday shopping stressful, as those aisles are crowded and full of muggles. If you have the patience and a bit of sculpting know-how, this will easily be your recipient’s most bragged about gift. There are quite a few materials you need, and this is not a ten minute project, so make sure you read the instructions first at: Dancing Baby Groot!


5. Game of Thrones Cell Phone Holder


Everyone needs a place to keep their cell phone, so why not make this the new addition to someone’s desk? Not only does it represent one of the biggest fandoms, but it’s also an invitation for Game of Thrones lovers to stop by the lucky recipients desk and exchange a “valar morghulis” and “valar dohaeris”. The instructions are fairly simple and the materials needed are too, so if your friend is a wanna be resident of Westeros, this is definitely the best choice! Find the directions here: Game of Thrones Holder!


Well, that’s it everyone for the holiday DIYs! Post pics here or on Twitter @TrendyNerdyCool so I can see what you made! Stay tuned for future ideas, and remember, if you’re not the DIY type, then you absolutely need to check out Eclectic Goods and their amazing hand painted kicks at: Eclectic Goods Etsy!



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One thought on “Best DIY Gift for Nerds: Part Two (Electric Boogaloo)

  1. I loved the R2-D2 Trash bin as soon as I saw it… But that Game Of Thrones Cell Phone holder is BAD ASS!! Great Blog! Thank you!

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