Best DIY Gifts for Nerds: Part One

So with the holidays quickly approaching, the quest to complete all gift shopping has begun. Nerds are among the hardest people to shop for because they either already have the things they would want, or their family and friends don’t know enough about their fandoms to choose a gift…enter the inevitable, and generic, gift card. Gift-giving doesn’t have to be preceeded by hours of online shopping and expensive shipping charges if you know three letters- D.I.Y. The best gifts are often those that are handmade, so choose wisely and make your friends fangirl with these do-it-yourself projects.

1. Harry Potter Wand


If you don’t have the chance to visit Orlando’s The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, or you haven’t yet received your Hogwarts Acceptance Letter, then creating your own wand is your best bet to give someone a unique gift this season. As shown in the films, there are plenty of wands to choose from and the choices for presentation and wrapping are endless. It all depends on how much time you’re able to devote and how detailed you choose to be. If you have enough time, you could even choose to create a collection of wands. This ¬†tutorial will show you how to make your own wands with simple items you can pick up in any craft section.

2. The Journal of River Song

There were plenty of choices of gifts to create from the series, but something this simple means so much to a true fan. The use of a journal is not only practical, but also a way for your average nerd to express him/herself in their daily life (and can be a way to identify other fans when seen). If you’d like a small extra touch, pens that resemble a sonic screwdriver are available online and in some specialty stores like Hot Topic. Many other ideas are online, but this is a great place to start, especially as the series continues.

3. Elvish Crown


If you’re in search of something a bit more eloquent, possibly for a special someone, then this would be an excellent choice. This is more advanced than your novice, or beginner, project as it requires patience, planning, and wire bending. Outlined in a two part blog, you’ll need to visit your craft aisle for various types of jewelry making wire. As you’re making this on your own, you can be ¬†free to either create one similar to those in the films, or make one that would beautifully represent the recipient. Don’t be frustrated if you don’t ace this on your first attempt, so stick with it and it will be brilliant.

4. Wall Mounted Wampa Head

Of all Star Wars gifts, this is honestly something I’ve never seen or heard of, and it is a necessity for a true fan. Not only is it genuinely clever, but it’s unique and quite frankly really awesome. With some basic items, including cardboard boxes, you can easily create this Wampa head for your home, office, or nerd cave. Enhance this gift with a stained wood back if you would prefer it to look more upscale. The only problem you’ll run into is when you finish constructing it, is giving it away instead of mounting it on your own wall.

5. Daryl’s Vest

One of the most coveted items from this highly popular franchise is this vest. With this tutorial, you can choose to make something other than a vest, but if you’re going for more of a movie replica gift, then this is a fantastic option. This would also be a great companion gift when paired with action figures, comics, or even a crossbow for cosplay. Finding this vest online is fairly easy, but finding one around the holidays will either be costly or impossible. This tutorial even includes info on how to weather your vest so it appears as though it’s been worn on the show!


Part Two will be coming soon! What franchises should I include? Comment with your requests!




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