DIY: Something Old to Something New

Having to purchase plain black heels for work takes all the fun out of shoe shopping (well, almost), and then with a simple change of dress code, they’re no longer necessary. They sat, collecting dust, at the corner of my closet while I kept telling myself that one day I’d wear them again. After a year, I finally decided it’s time to wear them – but in a new way! If you have an old pair of shoes, try giving them new life with this easy DIY project! I was inspired by October’s InStyle magazine.


You Will Need:

A boring pair of heels/shoes

2 sheets of Duct Tape (or just a roll) of a fun pattern

A knife or Exacto knife



This project is easy to explain (well honestly, it’s a bit self explanatory). Start with cutting out some strips of duct tape so that you can apply them to your shoe. It’s better to do this in small strips to avoid creases and air bubbles. I noticed that in some areas it was necessary to overlap a few pieces to hide the inevitable folds you get around the heel and toe.

20140924_215728   20140924_220507

20140924_223949   20140924_223130

After I covered the entire shoe, minus the heel, I used a knife to cut the excess tape around the edges.

20140924_223423   20140924_223406

20140924_225527   20140924_225456


Try your own creations and share your pics in the comments! Happy taping!



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