DIY: 3 Clutches in 30 Minutes

So New York Fashion Week is over and the holidays are right around the corner, making the hunt for the perfect versatile clutch like finding the perfect shade of red lipstick (you know, the one that’s not too orange and not too pink). Instead of spending hours jetting from outlet mall to multi-level department store, try looking around your home or local craft store for a few common items to create your own one-of-a-kind accessory.

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You Will Need:

Sunglasses Case (Coach or other large case)

Super Glue

Buttons, or a large pin

Placemat (vinyl works best)




To make your old sunglasses cases into a durable and trendy clutch, simply find something you’d like to attach to the top to create the illusion of a clasp. There really isn’t a need for a traditional clasp, as these cases tend to have a strong hinge. For the red alligator case I had, I simply purchased a yarn button to glue to the top of one side. Make sure that it’s just enough to slightly cover the opening, but not enough to interfere with it.

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For the fabric sunglasses case, I wanted something a little more elegant and animal print is definitely not going to work, so I purchased gold buttons and metallic spray paint. I didn’t need a lot of spray paint, so the “short cut” size was perfect and easily found in the craft aisle (instead of the paint and home improvement aisles). For the beautiful gold buttons, I had to use my steel file to make the back flat so that I could glue them on easier.

20140914_204742   20140914_205833   20140914_210030

After you file down the backs of the buttons, they should be almost completely flat (keep one for the next project). Then use a dab of glue to attach one to one side of the case, slightly overlapping for that clasp illusion.

20140914_210840   20140914_211256   20140914_212638

Something I absolutely loved about turning this case into a gold clutch is keeping the inside a gorgeous lavender color! Having these two small hard case clutches will be a fun pop of color to a little black dress, and will provide further accessory inspiration. If you really like the buttons you’ve used for the clasp, let it inspire you to create beautiful stud earrings or other pieces!

20140914_213631  20140914_213822

For the next clutch, believe it or not, one of the only things you’ll need is a plastic (or vinyl) placemat. It’s something that you can always find in neutral colors, and depending on the season and selection, there may even be animal print or bright abstract designs! I decided to go with black and then add my extra gold button for fun. Something I really liked about this particular placemat is that although it’s simply black, there is a beautiful woven texture instead of a design. Since the material is tougher than fabric, you’ll want to fold it a few times so it won’t fight against the glue.

   20140914_205222   20140914_211439

I let the sides dry for about 5 minutes with a book on either side to make sure it would stay secure. After drying, glue on the snaps one at a time and then place the gold button on the outside for a touch of sparkle.

20140914_212113   20140914_213222

When you’re finished, you’ve completed 3 easy clutches in 30 minutes! Look around your house for things you can re-purpose into your own clutches and accessories! Hope you like mine!

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