Nerds on Polyvore: The Sequel

Not only do I absolutely love comics and pop culture, but I also love fashion and style. Polyvore lets me experience both things at once, so I can design sets and collections inspired by my favorite things! The first Polyvore collection I posted was inspired by some of my favorite comic characters, so this collection I created is inspired by some of my favorite tv shows!


True Blood Polyvore ~ Comicsandcashmere

So, the “True Blood” fairy tale may be ending soon, but one of the most memorable moments from the first season is Bill’s date with Sookie at Fangtasia. This ensemble is inspired by the red and white outfit Miss Stackhouse sported when she first met Eric Northman. It was also when she was told she looked like “vampire bait”, and let’s face it – if that’s what vampires looked like who wouldn’t want to be bait?



Penny Dreadful Polyvore ~ Comicsandcashmere

Showtime’s “Penny Dreadful” series has just finished season one, but you can keep showing your love of this dark gothic look with great Victorian inspired accessories. Look for lace, pointed shoes, and chandelier earrings. Film noir style lipstick is an easy accomplishment with a clear wax lip liner to prevent bleeding of color.



Game of Thrones Polyvore ~ Comicsandcashmere

As if my love for “Game of Thrones” needs an introduction…Daenerys’ wardrobe is not only regal, but elegant and beautifully feminine. Channel your inner mother of dragons with a gorgeous maxi dress and sneak in a few dragon accessories too!



Sharknado Polyvore ~ Comicsandcashmere

How could I ever forget “Sharknado”, the mother of all B-movies? Sport your “Sharknado” love at the beach, or pool, with a themed tee and some small accessories to give you great beach curls and protect your lips against the sun. Cute nail decals will also give you that extra edge!



The Walking Dead Polyvore ~ Comicsandcashmere

“Walking Dead” on AMC has been one of the most popular shows on the air ever since it began four seasons ago. This ensemble channels Rick Grimes with lace up boots and a fashion forward bookbag because as much as I hate to admit it…there is no room for heels and a clutch after the zombie apocalypse.


Create your own styles and creations on POLYVORE and strut that nerd stuff!



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