5 Movies Overdue for Remake

As much as I can’t stand remakes or reboots, there are some films that I actually wish I could see again now that we have the special effects technology to enhance them. That being said, there are also remakes that have been created that I wish hadn’t…*cough cough* Spider-Man, Batman, Planet of the Apes, Psycho, King Kong, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Poseidon Adventure, Friday the 13th, Last House on the Left…the painful list could go on. In the end, I will admit that seeing a remake’s bright name on the marquee usually makes me as grumpy as Statler and Waldorf, the sarcastic Muppet critics in the balcony, but I’d be willing to make a rare exception for a few…with the stipulation of the cast members being age appropriate (and not just seventeen to make the movie trendy).



Fahrenheit 451 (1966)


From the great Ray Bradbury’s book of the same title, this film debuted in 1966 and is one of my favorites. The story takes place in the future, where book burning is not only a norm, it’s a demanded law to supress the growth of individual intellect and free thinking. “Firemen” are dispersed to burn books, or the possessions of citizens that read them. The concept itself is still valid and just as terrifying in today’s world – maybe even more so today with the rise of technology to the extent that the remake could involve more than books. At the heart of the book, and the film, Bradbury’s theme of showing a society void of free thought and the first amendment rights we so often take for granted is chilling.


Suspiria (1977) 


This is another of my favorite films, and it’s not wildly popular, however as a horror junkie, it’s a rare find. It’s a bit disorienting, so I watched it twice, but it was well worth both viewings. The film takes place at a ballet school, or academy, and follows the journey of a young girl as she first arrives. She finds that things aren’t what they seem as gruesome murders and rituals take place, giving the viewer a plethora of technicolor nightmare material. An update to this cult classic could be even more terrifying than the first, but only if it stays more on the suspense side as opposed to making the gore the star of the show.


The Island of Dr. Moreau (1977 & 1996)

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Yes, this film was recently a remake as of 1996, however it did not do the amazing novel of the same name the justice it deserves. The novel follows the accounts of a young man who is shipwrecked on an island with a mad scientist of sorts and inevitably meets many of his human/animal hybrid “creations”. With the advancement of special effects, I would love to see where this film could possibly go.


Metropolis (1927) 


This film, although close to a century old, still has a great plot that could be easily adapted to the modern era. It takes place in a futuristic Utopian city where workers are barely surviving beneath it with the job of keeping it running. Through the division of the worlds of working class and first class citizens, a love story blooms which forces a light upon the quality of life for all. It’s a great film and would be really interesting to see updated.


Soylent Green (1973)


Every self-proclaimed science fiction fanatic knows the famous line (which I will not reveal in case you haven’t seen it) uttered by Charleton Heston in this classic. In this futuristic movie, which takes place in 2022, the world’s food supply is in question and it’s origins are brought to light. In fear of spoilers, I won’t reveal anything else, but it’s worth a watch!


Those are my top 5 movies I would love to see an accurate and respectful remake happen for. Have any others you think of? Share in the comments! Want the shirt featured on the top of this post? Visit: Redbubble.com


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