A Mighty Story Behind ‘The Mighty Titan’

The superheroes drawn to life within the pages of a comic book are gifted with abilities that make them stronger, aerodynamic, and sometimes even immortal. A cape and costume could further personify that superhuman superiority, but what of the man behind the mask? Could Superman be affected by the everyday life conflicts that Clark Kent experienced? Whether or not they share the same life, they are the same man, therefore a connection exists and begs to question who is wearing the disguise – the man or the hero?

First issue of The Mighty Titan.

First issue of The Mighty Titan.

From Red Anvil’s co-founder, Joe Martino, comes ‘The Mighty Titan’ to examine the life of a superhero that is deeply affected by his human counterpart’s battle with cancer. Although the story isn’t biographical, some moments of struggle within the pages are too real to be fictional. The comic follows our hero, Titan, and his alter ego, Mark Williams, through battles not only through cancer, but also with a very formidable villain with a dangerous grudge.

The artwork alone in this series is worth the price on the cover. With crisp images that make the fights and emotional hardships palpable, the book is impossible to put down. It feels as if the reader is part of a journey that not everyone has had to experience, which also brings to light the difficult battle against cancer, to which author, Joe Martino, has survived twice (making him a hero as well). According to the Red Anvil Comics online, Martino states that they “want to create comics that if you didn’t look at the corner box, you would think it was from one of the big compnaies”, which is definitely what was done with this series.

Page to page, and issue to issue, the reader is reminded that although this is a superhero protecting civilians from evil, he is also a man. Having this insight into the life of a superhero outside of his great power and responsibility is interesting, and gives the characters and the comic itself more layers. Multidimensional characters with detailed artwork of a city, in addition to sneak peeks of origin stories and beginnings of grudges that last a lifetime create a highly intricate world that Martino shows us in these first few issues.

First page of the first issue of The Mighty Titan.

First page of the first issue of The Mighty Titan.

Red Anvil Comics is currently releasing issue #3 of ‘The Mighty Titan’ and can be purchased online or at your local comic book store. Through 2 very successful Kickstarter campaigns, this series has gained national popularity and continues to be not only a one-of-a-kind beautifully executed comic, but also an incredible way for people going through the same battle with cancer to relate to one another, and to a character that is multifaceted and likable.


To follow this amazing story and it’s equally amazing author, please feel free to visit their website and various social networks in the links below. This is a great time to start with this series, as it’s only in it’s third issue, and you will definitely be glad you did.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/themightytitan

Twitter: twitter.com/jgmcomics

Website: redanvilcomics.com/mighty-titan.html


Our hero, Titan


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