Saving Money With Subscription Services

Everyone is guilty of the unforeseen and inevitable curse of the dreaded impulse buy. Whether it’s the tabloid and chocolate check out aisle or the post holiday seasonal sidewalk sales, impulse buying occurs when item placement and clever marketing give you the strong urge to immediately purchase things that have no business on your shopping list. I admit it – I’m one of those people that’s at times easily marketed to and prone to impulse buying. If it has anything to do with comics, or if it lets me bake brownies where every brownie is a corner piece…or if I can microwave bacon to transform it into a tiny little bowl of deliciousness…well, you get the point.

Curbing impulse buying is, I believe, hardest for collectors and lovers of all things comics. Every little vinyl figure or variant cover is a wallet tease and before I know it, I’m thinking of how to rearrange my display shelves to make room for two new items (one stays in the box and one can come out to play). As most collectors know though, it’s not a cheap hobby. Sometimes even budgeting at it’s finest cannot curb that impulse to say, “yes I do need a Harry Potter Pez Dispenser collector’s set”, so I’ve discovered a simple, and very entertaining, solution – subscription services.

Subscription services will charge you a set amount, usually per month, to send you a wine, or a book, or even a small black box of nerdy and gamer goodness. Take a look at some of the most fun subscriptions you must experience!

Loot Crate

$13.37/month + $6S&H


Loot Crate is a monthly themed box that’s created for nerds and gamers alike. The box may be small, but the fun inside is epic. Every month features a vague theme, such as “dragons”, “transform” or “adventure”, and you decide if it’s a box you’d like to receive – but let’s face it, who wouldn’t? I’ve been a loyal subscriber for three months and have loved every crate! There are T-shirts, so far I’ve gotten a Zelda shirt and a Transformers shirt (and everyone has asked me where I’ve gotten them). It’s easily the most affordable option out there for people that go impulse crazy at events like comic con…like me. Tip: Make sure you check out the website and their social media accounts for great deals and discounts!



Box of Dread

$14/month + $6S&H



If you’re even remotely close to being a self proclaimed lover of the horror genre and you aren’t a subscriber, then you might as well tell me The Ring was the scariest movie you’ve ever seen. With exclusive contents and movies hand-picked to make you fangirl (or boy), you’ll wonder why you didn’t subscribe sooner. Past boxes have included items like keychains, mugs, figures, collectors items, DVDs and other great finds! These items have been from Showtime’s new series Penny Dreadful, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, and many more! I grew up loving horror, so I’m excited to receive my first Box of Dread! Visit their website to learn more, subscribe and catch up on past boxes!



Nerd Block

$13.99 for Jr. Boys or Girls Nerd Block

$19.99/month for Classic or Horror Nerd Block


If you’re unsure which to try, you’re able to alternate and experience different Nerd Blocks if you’d like. For all you figure and bust collectors, Nerd Block is a monthly toy subscription that gives you a great selection of anything from Power Rangers to Family Guy to Avengers to Adventure Time. There’s a little something for everyone, and the Classic and Horror themed Nerd Blocks come with a t-shirt too! The boys and girls Jr. boxes are fun for kids, but could also be a great start if you’re new to subscription services and you just want a small taste of what Nerd Box has to offer. This is the next box I’ll be subscribing to and I know I’ll love it! The hardest decision will be Classic or Horror…maybe I’ll get both!


Impulse buying will noticeably decrease once you start your subscriptions, as long as you responsibly choose how many you can afford. Being able to spend $20-60 per month on a little something for yourself isn’t a bad thing, and the jealous looks and “hey where did you get that” inquiries help curb the desire to spend more. So, click around, check them out, and happy subscribing!



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