Mario Nail Art!

Speed up your style with this easy to do nail art! I had a lot of fun creating these cute little guys and I know you will too! Although you could easily recreate these, or similar styles, just by looking at them, I included some instructions with tips to make it a little simpler. Have fun and comment with any other styles you’d like to see, or with photos of your version!


You Will Need:

Red Nail Polish

White Nail Polish

Bobby Pin

Black Nail Paint with Thin Brush



Start by painting two coats of red nail polish on as a base. I didn’t have red nail polish at the time I decided to do this design, so I used red nail paint that you’d usually apply for just small designs. It would have worked out better with the red polish, so try to stick to that. The paint seems to bleed when top coat is applied.



Use white nail polish to apply two coats of a white tip. I had better luck going about 2/3 of the way down my nail because later you’ll need the space for eyes.



Use the thin brush and black nail paint to paint a line between the red and white. This also helps clean up the lines in case you made any mistakes. After the line is painted, carefully make two small eyes.



Open up a regular bobby pin so you can use the rounded end to easily make polka dots. Try not to use too much of the white nail polish for the dots, or it has the tendency to smudge or not dry thoroughly.



When you’re finished and your little mushrooms are completely dry, apply a top coat to prevent chipping and you’re all set!


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