DIY Stormtrooper Nail Art

Just when you thought you found every way to express your Star Wars love…


Some may consider painting their nails more of a royal pain than the royal treatment, but having a neat mani/pedi can boost your confidence and give everyone the perfect conversation starter! (Plus, who wouldn’t want to start a conversation with a compliment?) In addition to a shot of espresso to your self esteem, polished nails will serve as an extension to your personality and have the ability to show everyone how creative you can be!

Growing up with a love of Star Wars (untouched original trilogy on VHS) inspired me to choose something so simple, yet so recognizable. With a solid snow white background and a thin precision brush for detail, these Stormtrooper nails can be done simply and as an accent or as an every nail look. It’s sure to be a hit! (or in true Stormtrooper style, it’s sure to be a miss!)


More looks and DIYs to come! Comment if you have requests 🙂



About Jennifer

Happily married and living in Wisconsin. It may be as cold as Hoth, but it's beautiful in the Summer.

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