My Favorite Nerd Apps for Andriod

As soon as I traded in my iPhone for a Samsung Galaxy, I knew the first thing I’d do (besides change those horrible factory ringtone settings) was head over to the app store and see what I could find. I couldn’t wait to fill each page with interesting and entertaining apps that would teach me new things or let me keep up with comic news. Over the past few months, I’ve been on the hunt for apps that not only appeal to my interests, but keep my attention as well. There were plenty that I downloaded and used for a week or two before tossing it aside like last month’s Cosmo, as well as those that I continue to use more every day.

1. “TED”


Easily one of the best apps out there is the “TED” talks app. If you’re unfamiliar with this app, it’s almost like having National Geographic meets incredible college lecture right in your hands completely free of charge. My favorite feature is easily the ability to set how much time you’d like to invest and the app will randomize a few lectures based on a category you choose such as jaw-dropping, fascinating, or informative. I find that this is one of my favorite ways to start my day. I can curl my hair and apply my makeup while learning about the current scientific advancements in tissue and organ regeneration. Furthermore, I’m not a fan of the news on tv and find that listening to TED talks on the app gives me something to ponder and discuss during the day. Before I even get to work I could have already learned about mapping the ocean floor and even watched a robot dance.




2. “Comixology”


Another app I find fun to use and highly addicting is “Comixology”. I know. I know. I’m usually very against digital copies of comics, however I have come to appreciate the fact that I can carry my books around with me and not ever have to take them away from their bag and board. This app allows you to purchase and read new or earlier issues of your favorite comics. I really liked the ability to go back, as I know most of the time I finally decide to start a series it’s in at least the third issue and I have to try to hunt down the origin story. This app makes keeping up with your comics so much easier, and even lets you download these comics to read offline later.




3. “HBOGO”


So, without HBOGO, I most definitely would have never discovered great series like Big Love and Six Feet Under, and I would have missed two of the best Game of Thrones episodes ever aired. To use HBOGO, you must be a subscriber to the channel through cable or satellite and then use your email to log in and register for free. You’ll be able to watch current and previous seasons and series, as well as view movies and special events aired on HBO. If you’re someone that’s on the move constantly and you have an addiction to Bon Temps and have to catch True Blood’s final season, then this app is an absolute must since you can be anywhere and use it.




4. “Marvel Unlimited”


If you are a Marvel fanatic, you most likely already have this app. As I’ve said, I’m not advocating the switch to all digital comic books, however (and that’s a big however), I do love the idea that people can have access to comics if there isn’t a local shop they can buy from. I recommended this app to a coworker that claimed had never had the chance to really get into comics, and she stated that after using this app, it’s really reignited her love of comics. Overall, giving comic access to someone that normally wouldn’t have gone out of their way to read ¬†one is a win for our team no matter what. You can read quick previews before buying and build up your library of favorites!




5. “Listia”


Okay, yes I know that this is an auction app, and it may not appear to have anything to do with being a nerd, but things are not always what they seem. I first downloaded this app to kill some time while getting my hair done and after about fifteen minutes of aggressive bidding for a particular Magic (MTG) card, I was hooked. Listia allows users to bid on auction items, or even put your own items up for auction. Bidding occurs with points as opposed to money, so you have to complete certain tasks to gain more points such as view third party offers, bid on items, put up items for auction, or you can simply take the shortcut and purchase points through the app. They have categories including cars, video games, electronics, and collectibles!



Feel free to share any of your favorite apps!


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