Youtube’s Best Makeup Tutorials

Hours of TLC’s show “What Not to Wear” will make you feel like putting together a complete look head to toe may not be so hard…until you try to even out your liquid eye liner seconds before you have to leave for work. That’s when you notice your shirt has wrinkles, your nail polish is smudged, and you forgot to calculate time to stop for gas – but that’s a whole different story. (That’s also why they pay Carmindy the bug bucks!)

Some of us learn makeup tips from an older sister, a Mary Kay representative, or an associate at Sephora unless you have none of those things, in which you instantly turn to the internet’s most readily available resource – Youtube. Before you groan at the thought of sifting through thousands of videos that make you watch ten seconds of an ad before you find out the video isn’t helpful, just remember – that’s what I’m here for! I’ve done the searching and I’ve even added some of my personal favorites that I reference all the time for tips. These tutorials feature the must haves of how to’s and highlight everything you’ll need to know for basic (and some advanced) makeup techniques. Even if you think you have it down, check these out to see if there’s an easier method for your favorite look, or to try something new to refresh your look.

1. Meow! Think Katy Perry meets daytime Catwoman…Cat eyes with bright lips are a great year round look, so make sure you update your fun lip color for the season by checking Pantone’s colors! I used this video to teach me the perfect, yet painfully simple, cat eye application by utilizing the post it trick. A cat eye just for the top lid is an appropriate and professional daytime look and for a date night out just line the bottom and add a “little more drama” to the wing of the cat eye. Gorgeous and really simple!

2. Who’s that girl? Everyone should know how to master the smokey eye. It’s one of the most popular looks aside from the cat eye and definitely marries sexy with classy when done correctly. This tutorial was very helpful to me for many reasons, but mostly teaching me the smokey eye in addition to false eyelash application was a bonus! (Granted, I could have done without the musical interludes, the information was exactly what I needed.)

3. Practice makes perfect! Having a daily routine helps keep you on time and always looking your best because there’s no need to rush. This tutorial creates a flawless daily look that can be perfect for any occasion and with a little extra eye liner and a darker lip color the same look translates well to accompany evening attire in less than two minutes. If I could change my outfit as fast as I can change this look from day to evening…well, let’s just say I wouldn’t be making dinner reservations for 8pm.

4. Contour? Is that like a detour? So, a bit of a makeup confession, I honestly thought bronzer was just for the purpose of making fair skinned people like me look tan. Watching this tutorial taught me not only what contouring is, but how to use it to emphasize great features and brighten up your look as well (Not to mention her absolutely adorable pin-up hairstyle which I will definitely be borrowing). Highlighting and contouring may take you an extra minute or two in the morning, but the effects are definitely worth it!

5. Date night! First date or a night out with your favorite person in the world? Your outfit choice can make you feel sexy, but adding the matching makeup gives you a complete and consistent look from head to toe. What I loved about this tutorial is that she actually does the makeup one eye at a time, so it gives you a look at the before and after (and you can see how the right shades can make your eyes pop). I watched ten seconds of this tutorial and thought to myself, “I definitly need to master this”!

6. Thin lips? Most people’s lips are different sizes with the upper lip being a bit thinner. To even your lips, or to plump them up for a sexier pout, then try experimenting with lip liner. I had never tried it before, but after watching this tutorial I gave it a shot. I had no idea how much of a difference this could actually make! This tip is easily one of the most valuable items in my beauty arsenal.

7. Every flawless look has to start with the perfect foundation. I used to be one of those people that would use a little bit of concealer to cover up any blemishes and then I’d jump right to blush. A common misconception is that foundation is only to hide trouble skin, but what I’ve learned over time is that foundation serves a very important purpose. Not only does most foundation contain a form of sun protection, but it smooths and evens your skin tone to provide you with a gorgeous blank canvas to work with! This tutorial really helped me see the difference in using foundation in general verses using foundation for acne coverage.

8. Whether you pluck, wax, or weed wack, maintaining beautifully shaped eyebrows is almost an everyday job. They’re one of the most prominent parts of your face, yet most people forget that when you are applying makeup, you don’t have to leave these little guys out! Personally, I don’t use wax or tweezers because I prefer to use a razor shaping tool to attain the arch that I like. Also, we aren’t as gifted as Eugene Levy (the too-much-information dad from “American Pie”) with full and thick eyebrows so we have to put in a little effort.

Those are my favorites! If you have any other tutorials that have helped you achieve an amazing look, feel free to share it in the comments!




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