Wayward Raven’s Comics: Myth, Legend, and Sorcery

Part of the fun in being a lover of all things comic and graphic novel is getting the chance to discover a series in the beginning. One of my favorite things to do when I pick up my subscriptions is purchase at least one book that bears a #1 on the cover. To others, it may just be a number, or just another group of talented dreamers trying to make history, but to me – it’s a doorway to a new world that I’ve never seen. Don’t get me wrong, I love my popular classic characters, but there’s definitely something about carefully opening a new comic without knowing where it will take you and who you’ll meet. This week I was lucky enough to check out a few comics by Wayward Raven Media, and before I tell you about them I’d also like to mention that these comics are at the beginning, so now is the absolute perfect time to head over to their website and see what they’re all about!


Wayward Raven Media currently carries a few series, each one of them is completely different and offers an array of very exciting and highly dynamic characters so there’s easily something for everyone. Reading the first two issues of “The Ascendant”, I found myself engulfed in the character’s personal journey and definitions of good and evil. It follows a character named Cail and he’s a Duke, born in Hell, that finds a means of escape to our world to search for more than fire and torture. The aspect of a demon that walks among us and dances upon the very fine line between hero and villain is intriguing and will continue to amuse as the series continues. He may be a demon with a sordid past, but Cail is also fighting other demons that have inched their way out of the fiery depths to claim him and return him home. The picturesque artwork (especially in the first issue, set in Rome) was beautiful, and did well not to steal the spotlight from the characters or plot line, which I thought were fantastic. Skillfully executed also was the choice of character colors, weaponry, and traits because they translated well, and transitioned easily from Duke of Hell with horns to human form. If you’re a fan of Constantine, which has always been a favorite of mine too, then you’ll be mesmerized by “The Ascendant” and his journey.

     Ascendant-Cover_resized-Drive-Thru     Ascendant-2-Cover

After reading this series, the next I chose to explore was the first issue of “Horsemen” which is a story spanning time and the farthest reaches of the universe while utilizing stunning graphics and highly original characters. The battle of freewill rages on and it’s up to the Horsemen to maintain what makes us who we are while others try to strip it from everything. What makes this concept incredibly unique is that it’s chosen to include more than just our world, so there are things everyone will relate to and then things that inspire you to imagine. Keeping one foot in reality and one foot in the world of the “Horsemen” makes a series not only fun, but thought-provoking as well. The amount of care for detail in this book is apparent, as the panels go to black and white when freewill is taken, or in question, to give the reader a hauntingly beautiful illustration of meaning. Read issue one now because two is in the works, and you’ll definitely want to be in for the ride.

Horsemen_pic0003 Horsemen_pic0016 Horsemen-cover_Drive-Thru

As a girl reading comics, I do take an interest in series featuring women as powerful characters as opposed to printed scream queens. While reading “Signed C:The Missing” I not only got cosplay ideas for future conventions (absolutely loved Perse’s sexy orange dress and lip color), but I got to meet an awesome female-dominated cast of characters. The first issue opens in New York City with a dangerously gorgeous talent agent effortlessly walking through dimensions to solve the mystery of her missing model. The nonchalant way she steps through realms insists she’s a pro and the comical, yet entertaining, characters she converses with hint at a multitude of interesting people and backstories yet to be explored. She’s not just for looks, although she’s quite the proportioned beauty, as she’s a compelling sorceress, so she doesn’t alienate her female fans at all – she empowers them. The first issue also includes a brilliant black and white bonus pin-up, so hurry up and get a copy!

     use this one     Signed-2-Front-Cover-200x300

While you’re checking these awesome titles out, head over to Wayward Raven’s Kickstarter campaign and pledge to fund the “Signed C: The Missing” series and be rewarded with anything from a shout out on their website all the way to autographed copies and cross promotion at conventions! This is a great group with an amazing future, so don’t pass up the opportunity to be a part of the beginning of these series!

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