DIY Spring 2014 Trends

Not everyone has an endless supply of green presidential flashcards or a genie in a bottle to grant wishes, so when it comes to a new season’s trends, learning a few tricks can go a long way. By visiting your local craft store, consignment shop, and yard sales you can update your entire wardrobe from run away to runway. If you don’t consider yourself crafty, don’t worry! These tips and tricks are easy enough for anyone to follow, even if you have a little one that likes to be mommy’s little helper.

Using Pantone’s color palate for Spring 2014, pull any items from your closet that match as well as your neutrals like black, white, tan, and gray. It’s also helpful to keep the image of the color palate in your wallet or on your phone as a reference point to stay on track when you shop. Although there are great prices on the clearance rack, they’re there because they are not in season, so you’re not doing your bank balance any favors.


According to Elle Magazine, Spring’s most wearable trends are:

– Crop Tops

– Sheer

– White Wide-Leg Trousers

– Graphic Prints in Black & White

– Fringes

– Embellished Details

– Floral

In addition to these popular seasonal trends, Glamour Magazine has also listed:

– Pastels

– Cropped Jackets

– Contrast-Collar Button Downs

– Bomber Jackets

– Tea-Length Skirts

– Sweater Dressing

– Trousers with Side Stripe

– Shift Blouse

– Collarless Coats

So when choosing which trends would flatter your personal style, body type, and accessories, also consider which of these you can easily create from clothing you already own. My personal favorite DIY trends are embellishment details, graphic prints, crop tops, and gorgeous skirts. Any of those trends spotted in stores this season can be sold for full retail, so saving money just by choosing to shop at a consignment shop with the Pantone colors in mind is already a money saving tactic without having to do any DIY (if you’re not into crafty goodness).

The first great DIY trick you can learn, and easily accomplish in less than an hour, is applying embellishment details. Find a top that you like that is either plain, collared, or has a simple graphic print or image on it so that you have a focal point or a feature to draw attention to. Next, visit your local craft store (or craft section) and ask for the iron-on embellishments. These are fantastic and inexpensive ways to add value to your current tops without worrying about sewing or fabric glue (ain’t nobody got time for that). You can choose to embellish a top with half pearls sold on Embellishment World’s website and create a top inspired by Hanna on ABC Family’s hit show “Pretty Little Liars”.

Hanna, Pretty Little Liars

Hanna, Pretty Little Liars

Another popular and fun trend to try is the graphic print. Yes, this can be easily created with iron on transfers sold in any major craft store, or created on your computer and printed onto iron on paper! If you’d like to attempt something not as simple, then I would definitely recommend creating your own Indian block print design. Choose a top or skirt that isn’t as form fitting and adheres to this seasons shapes like the shift blouse or the tea-length skirt. Using an ironing board to keep your paint from seeping through to other layers, paint a block print design along the bottom of your top or skirt. It’s a fun afternoon project and depending on the print chosen, can add a touch of tribal as well!

It wouldn’t hint Summer unless we added in the crop top! Crop tops are great layer pieces for Spring that can transition to stand alone tops in Summer. It wouldn’t hurt to make sure you have a black and white crop top so that it can easily be paired with any color bottom as the seasons change. I prefer the crop tops with sleeves, but you can easily make yours either way. I’ve included the tutorials I really enjoyed to make your own crop tops! The first is my favorite because being able to make a simple and fast crop top out of a pair of leggings will save you so much money! There are plenty of stores trying to get rid of their Fall/Winter ’13 leggings stock, so if you find some fun colors – go for it!


Skirts are a big part of this and next season, so learning to create your own circle skirt is definitely a help when it comes to what to wear! Take a fun pattern or color that’s trending and head to the craft store for some inspiration. I made my first circle skirt a few years ago and I have loved creating them ever since. When I’m not sure what to wear, I find patterned fabric on sale with a lot of color so that I can utilize it to expand my top and accessories choices. This season florals, one of my favorite trends, are in! There are many different ways to create a circle skirt, and I’m not as crazy about a sewing machine, so I opted for iron on hem tape instead and elastic bands as opposed to zippers. You can even find a vintage dress in a consignment shop and create a skirt as well!


With Spring finally here, take advantage of those Spring cleaning days and don’t throw out your old clothes – turn them into this season’s hottest trends that cost you next to nothing. HINT: If you can turn anything into an excuse to have a get together, you could even organize a girl’s night with cocktails and irons to create a wardrobe together!



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