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Every Sunday millions of viewers tune in to watch HBO’s critically acclaimed series “Game of Thrones” for the plot lines, unexpected character deaths, effects, and of course – the fashion! Not only does Daenerys have a beautifully intimidating Xena quality about her, she also has the most desired wardrobe of the entire series’ cast. My absolute favorite dress of hers is from Season 2 when she visits Qarth. As soon as I saw that blue and gold gown, I knew I’d want to create it to wear to the various comic cons I’m attending. Here’s how I recreated this dress in 1 day for less than $25.

20140419_16062320140419_162643use this

20140419_160623What You’ll Need:

– 4-5 Yards of Blue fabric (I got mine at Walmart for less than $10)

– Iron

– Heating Tape (Hemming tape)

– Waistband Elastic

– Foam Sheets

– Metallic Gold Spray Paint

– Braiding Cord (or yarn – anything to tie your belt on)


The first thing you’ll want to do is print out the shoulder and belt pattern (I enlarged it with Paint before printing to make sure it was an appropriate size). After I printed this out, I cut it and used masking tape to attach it to the foam. Using an Exacto knife, trace the outlines of the cutouts.

use this 2   use 3


After you’ve traced all of the shapes with the Exacto knife, peel away the paper and pop out (or possibly retrace certain areas and then cut) the shapes. I waited on cutting the outline of the edges until I could measure my shoulders and the width of the fabric when folded.

use 4   use 5

When finished with this step, repeat with the next pattern to create the belt. This part went a lot faster because the shapes were so much bigger. Make sure you leave a little bit of room at each end of the belt to allow space for the ties and use your braiding cord to knot the inside. When finished, find a flat and covered surface outdoors and spray the first coat of gold paint.

use 6   use 7

While the paint is drying, it’s time to work on the skirt! If the skirt isn’t perfect – don’t sweat it because it’s going to be mostly hidden and is only there to make sure you’re not flashing side body parts. I made my skirt by first measuring around my waist and multiplying it by two. Then I cut a rectangle of fabric of that width for the waistband and held it up to me to make sure the length was perfect. Next, get your elastic and sew the ends together to create a waist band. Fold your fabric for your skirt in half and iron on your heated hemming tape in between the edges of the fabric (longways).

use 9   use 8

Sew, or heat tape, the elastic band to the skirt making sure that you haven’t flipped it inside out (to hide the seam) yet. The elastic waistband is half the size, so it’s ok to have that cute rippled, or folded, effect because remember – it’s not going to be seen. Next, cut 2 identical strips that are wide enough (plus a little more so you can say no to side boob) to cover your chest and half of your side to hide the waist. Also, cut another piece that’s about the same as both front pieces together (or 1 front piece times 2) for the back piece/cape. Take your fabric outside and spray paint an abstract zig zag pattern. While that’s drying, cut a thin rectangle on each end of your shoulder pieces.

use 11   use 10

Almost done! Now for the easy assembly. I’m very aware that I could have sewn the fabric to the shoulder pieces instead of safety pins. I’m capable of sewing, but for wearing it around a convention and maybe wanting to readjust it later, I decided against it. I left larger tabs at each end of the shoulder pieces so that I could put the fabric through the hole and pin the inside to the tab without it being seen.

use 12   use 13

Once you attach the front and back pieces, it’s time to try it on! First put on the skirt, then place the shoulder pieces (attached to both front panels and the cape). Arrange the front pieces slightly, then tie the belt around your waist over the front panels and the waist (leave the cape out), then rearrange to your style and claim the throne!

20140420_145111   20140420_223447   20140420_223723-1







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13 thoughts on “DIY: Daenerys Targaryen Qarth Dress

  1. Clare

    Hi, I’m sorry to tell you this but you’re instructions are very very very hard to follow. You also lack detailed pictures of how you should be doing this. I am pleased though, that I have found an easy/cheap way to make this costume. I suggest you reconsider how you have set out your instructions, to make it easier for others.

    • Jennifer

      Sorry if the instructions weren’t as clear. It was my first one, so I definitely learned a few ways to do things. I’ll try to be more thorough when I post my next DIY. Thanks for checking it out 🙂

  2. Hey, thank you for this tutorial. I wanna do this until August and I hope it will work. But could you explain me in an exacter way how you make this two pieces on the skirt? Thank you! 🙂

  3. Bianca

    This is fantastic! Where did you get the pattern for the foam?

    • Jennifer

      Thanks! I figured it wasn’t too bad for a first timer! I found the pattern on this website: and then I saved it to my desktop so that I could open it in Paint to resize it to my measurements. It was a lot of trial and error to print the right size, but it was WAY worth it to hear people around comic con yell “Khaleeeeeeeeesi” everywhere I went. 🙂 Thanks for reading! You should share a pic if you make one too!

  4. Enna

    Thanks for the tutorial. What type of Foam Sheets did you use for the belt/shoulders? EVA foam? And where did you purchase it from?

    • Jennifer

      Thanks for reading! 🙂 I live in kind of a small town so there isn’t a lot of craft supply selection. I actually purchased these sheets from the craft section in Walmart!

  5. Hey Jennifer! This is a great tutorial! Thanks for posting!! I was able to make the skirt and overlaying piece in about 45 minutes when I had access to a sewing machine. Had to tweak it just a little bit, but I will definitely post some pics when the shoulder pieces and belt are completed. This was a really fun project. Thanks again for sharing!!

    • Jennifer

      That’s great! Yes, please post pics!! 🙂 I’m so glad it helped, and thanks for reading!

  6. bregje

    can you tell me what kind of fabric did you used. chiffon ??
    kind regards bregje

    • Jennifer

      Hi! I actually just used the cheapest fabric I could find. I believe it’s just a simple cotton blend. I only paid about $2 per yard! 🙂 Hope this helps!

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