DIY: Comic Book Shoes!

With Comic Con season already upon us, I needed something cute and fun to wear that would help me sport my love of comics while doing interviews at all of my favorite conventions. There were so many to consider between brands and superheroes, but after deciding that I’d eventually craft at least 4 or 5 different pairs of comic book heels, I came to the conclusion that I would begin with a character that’s been near and dear to me, and that I’ve always identified with (and no, not because she’s also a mighty short blonde) – Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


To begin the setup for your comic book heels, you’ll need:

– A pair of heels or flats, preferably with a smooth (non-fabric) surface

– Various sizes of paintbrushes

– Mod Podge

– Comic Books (every comic book lover has duplicates, so put them to good use!)

The first thing you’ll want to do is flip through the pages of your comics and make 2 separate piles. You’ll want one pile of various shapes and colors for the background of your shoes, and you’ll also need a pile of action words, titles, and faces. I chose to also include the brand so that I can do a little free advertising (whatever brings more people into reading comics)!


Next take a dry cloth and just wipe down the shoe to make sure that there isn’t any loose dirt or anything on them before you start to adhere the comic pieces. Choose an easy flat area of the shoe to start with, for example, I started with the side. Once you’ve chosen a side, brush a layer of Mod Podge onto the shoe, then carefully place your comic background pieces on one by one in different directions. The point is to cover the entire surface of the shoe while still maintaining that fun abstract comic feel. As you are placing the pieces down, make sure to brush more Mod Podge over the pieces as well. This gives it a glossy look and creates a seal. I also found that in tough to cover rounded areas, it helps to rub your finger in a small circular motion while the Mod Podge dries (less than 20-30 seconds for this).


After you’ve covered your shoes completely with the comic background pieces, let the Mod Podge dry. This should only take an hour or two and I like pass the waiting time by checking out Marvel’s app Marvel Unlimited so that I can read comics (old and new) on my phone and tablet. Once everything is dry, it’s time to choose the select pieces that you want to showcase. I chose a few action words and important characters in addition to the Dark Horse logo. Apply these just as you would the background pieces (Mod Podge first, place piece, Mod Podge brush over the comic piece and rub edges to smooth).


Now that you’ve applied all of the background and showcase pieces, you’ll want to Mod Podge brush the entire shoe and let it dry. If you feel you’d like to repeat this step again (I did just to be sure) then feel free. It won’t hurt! I have read that you can use a steel brush or file to get rid of any shiny ridges that the Mod Podge will leave. I personally chose not to complete this step because I didn’t see any noticeable ridges and if I ruined my Buffy shoes over a couple of shiny ripples, I’d be a sad panda.


After they are dry, you are good to wear them out! Avoid wearing them in the rain if you can, just as you would any designer shoe. These are priceless because no one else in the world and it’s parallel universes have the exact same pair, so be careful and wear them with pride! I’ll be wearing mine at a few upcoming conventions so if you see me, make sure to check out my Buffy kicks! Comment or share your experiences with this DIY!


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2 thoughts on “DIY: Comic Book Shoes!

  1. Wow! You’ve got some series talent for this stuff! Amazing! Is it possible you could do something like that for guys like me! I can’t afford two or three hundred dollar sneakers with my fave characters on them. So I would really be intrested on learning how to DIY! Thx so much! And keep up the great work!

    • Jennifer

      Thank you! I think I will definitely try this on sneakers soon so I can see how it works with different materials! I’ll be sure to post a blog with pics so you can try it too!

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