Wizard World Comic Con: Why You Should Buy Tickets

Whether you are into comics or not, today’s Wizard World Comic Conventions have so much more to offer than comic books and trading cards. From Batman to Harry Potter, and Star Wars to SpongeBob, Wizard World’s Pop Culture Conventions are a 3-4 day whirlwind of artists, vendors, and celebrities. They are family friendly and encourage cosplay (meaning you can attend in costume), even hosting a costume contest at each convention. Wizard World Conventions attract a large crowd of all ages and if you’re looking for something to do that you’ve never done before – this is definitely where you need to be.

Your first large comic con can be intimidating, so before you go there are a few things you should consider. Check out the programming for Q&A panels, photo ops, autograph sessions, and yes, Jedi light saber training. Then, make a list of everything you would be disappointed if you missed and plan your day(s) around your most important events. It’s important to also calculate time to wait in line for special events like Q&A panels with multiple celebrity guests – these events allow VIP ticket holders in first, but after that it’s first come, first serve for the best seats.

If you want the ultimate experience (and if you wanted to attend more than one panel), the VIP ticket is going to be the best value, especially if you order in advance. There are multiple VIP packages based around the various guests that are attending and the programming they’re involved in, or you can purchase a general VIP package. If you don’t purchase the VIP package, and plan on attending one day, the per day price is less than $30 per person. (All of these are listed on the website provided in the link below.) As you would assume with any convention or theme park, the prices of the concessions, autographs, and photos are not cheap, but the personal interaction you get with these celebrities is priceless. Also, be prepared with cash on hand because although you can just use the ATM in the convention center, you’re going to be paying those outrageous ATM fees (yuck).

As far as the celebrities go, I personally have never had a bad experience with anyone at a Wizard World Convention. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Stan Lee, Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flanery, Linda Hamilton, Adam West, and many others. These celebrities are here because they sincerely appreciate their fans, so when you see someone you looked up to as a kid or loved in a certain movie or tv show – don’t be afraid to tell them!

Hopefully that gives you a brief idea, or at least sparks your interest a bit, about Wizard World Comic Con. I’ve provided the link to their website below, so please take a look and maybe we’ll see you there (in costume of course)!


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