The Fun in Being Bad Together


With a busy schedule, finding quality time can be tough to pencil in between work, school, family, and everyday activities. Sometimes by the time we finish a long day of work, date night turns into delivery and DVR, and somewhere along the way that behavior becomes routine. Adding a fun spin to a regular date night can bring back the spark you didn’t even realize you were missing. Working a full time job to pay your bills means you’ve entered adulthood, but growing up doesn’t have to mean growing old! Try some of these mischievous and scandalous activities to relive the days when behavior like this would result in a month of being grounded.

1. Prank Calls ~ “I’m calling for Michael Hunt. Mike for short.” Prank calls have been the most common practical joke for decades. It’s completely harmless and can provide an inexpensive source of entertainment for hours, but tends to be a bit harder as technology advances. For the absolute best prank call experience, purchase a prepaid phone and utilize an online soundboard. Buying a phone solely for this purpose may sound pricey, but they can be purchased for less than $20, which is still infinitely cheaper than attending a Friday night movie. It’s also necessary to test your soundboard before you attempt the call to ensure it’s loud enough. A soundboard will give you the ability to click a button and play the sound clip of your choice, ending the days of desperately trying not to laugh. With a prepaid phone, a soundboard, and a six pack, this will be a night you’ll remember.

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2. Ding! Dong! Ditch! ~ This date night idea is not only fun, but you’ll get a work out without stepping foot into the gym. Get into your best sneaky attire, or black dress code, and lace up your sneakers. It’s easier to do this in your own neighborhood, or one that you know well, as some homes will have dogs in the backyard that will give away your position before you have a chance to ring the doorbell and hide. As with any other prank, the only purpose is your entertainment, so find the house that belongs to someone that deserves it. Maybe your boss has given you a hard time this week or you’re tired of listening to him, or her, talk about their perfect life. If you really want to take advantage of the entertainment, have your partner in crime record their look of utter confusion as they try to figure out why their evening was interrupted for no reason.

3. Window Chalk ~ Remember those pep rally days when everyone would sport their school spirit on their car windows with window chalk? For less than $8, you can purchase window chalk at any auto shop or major retailer in various colors. Think of a funny joke, message, or image that you can quickly apply and keep in mind that although male genitalia is the natural hilarious choice, kids should not be subjected to that, so keep it appropriate. Again, the best place to execute this prank would be your own neighborhood, or one that you know well.

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4. T.P. ~ This list could never be complete without mentioning the infamous and timeless act of throwing toilet paper at, and all over, the property. It’s best with more than one person and must be done quickly and quietly. It should only be done to one or two houses in a neighborhood and pics are a definite must. Make sure you establish an alibi (easily done with a simple Facebook status placing you elsewhere) and avoid TP-ing anyone that could possibly list you as an enemy if they happen to call the police. It may sound extreme to be so prepared, but with the rate that people sue one another, it never hurts to be prepared. Operation: TP is definitely a mandatory dress code so no exceptions!



Any of these activities could easily be transformed into a double date, so if there’s another couple that’s as adventurous as you are, share the fun! Remember, be safe and it’s ok to cause a little trouble sometimes.


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