Q&A: The Best Way to Learn Everything About Someone

When my husband and I started dating, we started playing a game. We decided that instead of asking the traditional first date questions, we’d spend our time asking the most unique and interesting questions that gave us the opportunity to learn more about each other than some married couples know after years. I know these aren’t going to be for everyone, but they are definitely a great starting point for anyone that wants to discover more about the person they care for. Mike and I have almost been married for a year, but we promised each other we’d keep playing this game forever. They say you learn something new everyday, why wouldn’t you want it to be about someone you love? Here are 25 questions to get you started:

  1. If you could be the spokesperson for any product what would it be?

  2. If you could punch a celebrity into never wanting to act or sing again, who would it be?

  3. What was your most prized possession before you graduated high school?

  4. If you could cure someone of being deaf or blind, which would you choose?

  5. If you started your own charity, what cause would you fight for?

  6. If you could be a celebrity of the opposite sex, who would you be?

  7. If you could replace an actor in any movie, what role would you want to play?

  8. What is an occupation that no matter the pay, you’d still never want to do it?

  9. What is the most ridiculous celebrity baby name you’d actually name your child?

  10. What food or beverage would you want named after you? You can invent your own!

  11. If you could grant one person one wish, what would you choose to do?

  12. What is your zombie apocalypse plan? (If they don’t have one, it’s a deal breaker!)

  13. What is one show that has easily made this country less intelligent?

  14. What is one movie you wish you could remake?

  15. If you could be awarded a trophy, an emmy, an oscar, or a plaque, which would you want?

  16. If you could invent or break a Guiness World Record, what would it be?

  17. If you could pick up any instrument and be an expert, what would you play?

  18. Finish the rhyme: Roses are Red, Violets are Blue…

  19. If there was one person you could go back in time and shove in a locker, who would it be?

  20. What is one fashion trend that you cannot stand on the opposite sex?

  21. If you could erase one word from the dictionary, or modern culture, what would it be?

  22. If you were going into battle, what animal or symbol would you put on your flag?

  23. If you could make a delicious hybrid of your two favorite foods, what would you choose?

  24. What is one fictional character you wish could be real?

  25. If you could steal one street sign, what would it say?



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