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If you’re a lover of photography and think you have the eye for it, it probably makes you sick to see all of the wedding photography companies over charging couples on their big day. You think to yourself that not only could you do a great job, but you could easily do it for less. Nowadays anyone that buys a pricey Nikon with their tax refund thinks they’re a professional, but in a sea of flashy fish, you have to stand out to be the shark.

Starting a business can be a fun and exciting endeavor for everyone, but with a creative field like photography, if you don’t offer a unique service you’ll be lost in the crowd. When thinking of what you’re niche could be, try to imagine a time when you wish you would have had a camera to capture something meaningful. In a day where everyone is carrying a smartphone equipped with a camera that’s not as easy as you’d think. Focus on a broad category, but specialize in something unique.

  • Their Story ~ As we get older and our children grow up and out of the home, we remember a time when our parents were doing the same to help us be prepared to step out into the world alone. Start a company that would spend the day following you and your parents while they tell you stories about their childhood and show you pictures of the past. Maybe there’s a place in town, or nearby, where you can recreate one of those old photos your mother loves? This business isn’t about creating memories, but bringing back those that made us smile.

  • School Days ~ Remember your child’s first day of school? No mother can hold tears back while hugging their little one as the school bus turns the corner, but who is there to capture that moment? Start a business specializing in this event that will provide photos from beginning to end. You’ll want to get artistic shots of the child’s lunch being packed, their clothes folded in a pile (that first day outfit is always a big deal), and then finally the beautiful shots of mother or father putting their child on the bus and waving goodbye. A nice touch if both parents are present would be taking a final photo of the two hugging as the bus drives away in the distance. Grandparents would love to see these!

  • Her Journey ~ Wedding photographers are a dime a dozen, but who is there to capture moments like choosing the dress, cake tasting, and dance practice? On the day of the wedding, everyone will have a camera so it’s not really necessary to make the primary focus of your business the big day. For those moments when the big choices and decisions are being made, whipping out your phone almost automatically takes you out of the shot. Having a decently priced option that allows a photographer to be present during these moments ensures her journey will always be remembered. After all, the journey is just as important as the destination.

  • Man’s BF ~ Everyone knows the family pet is not just a pet. Anyone that’s ever had a family dog will swear Fido is an equal member of the family (even if he barks at the mailman or steals food off of the table). If you’re a pet lover, then consider a business based around those special moments that remind us how special that furry friend is. A great niche for this business would be offering a service where a photographer can capture the pet’s first time seeing his, or her, new family. You could also offer sessions in a local park where on a nice day, people can pay to have their photo taken as they walk, or play with, their pet. Consider a cute business name and logo to generate interest and capitalize on this niche market!

Whatever you choose to do, remember to offer the first sessions free (or very low priced) to build your profile, credibility, and testimonials. Once your business gets out there take advantage of every opportunity to increase sales and popularity. Lights! Camera! Good luck!


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