Parties You Should Be Hosting


In a busy working world we sometimes forget to relax and enjoy the party. In fact, sometimes we get so caught up in bills, work, and primetime television that we don’t even realize that life is the party. Here are 5 parties you should be hosting:

  1. Pinterest and Pina Coladas ~ Pinterest is such an asset to everyone that has every been jealous of those people that can make something out of anything. Set aside an evening, or an afternoon, to choose the top two Pinterest crafts you’d like to try. Invite a few friends, buy supplies, and pour the drinks. Playing soft background music while socializing and taking the time to create something fun will not only be relaxing, but who doesn’t get an obscene sense of accomplishment when you hang something in your home that you made?

  1. How to Host a Murder ~ These parties were very popular, but with the majority of America only being able to make ends meet with both parents working, it’s hard to find the time. This is a boxed game that was also endorsed by Alfred Hitchcock where everyone takes place in what appears to be a live version of the game “Clue”. It’s a lot of fun to dress the part and add accents if you wish, but if you’re a drama novice, everything you need to know is on the card you’re given. Walking around and questioning the other guests leads to the eventual solving of the live who-done-it mystery. Be prepared for plenty of laughs, mystery, and the inevitable inside jokes!Posting pictures of your Murder Mystery party will definitely cause more people to request invitations for the next one!

  1. Fashion and Frappuccinos ~ Don’t have a lot of time to find additions to your wardrobe for the season? Tired of looking at the same items over and over? Host a party where everyone brings a large tupperware bin of clothing and accessories from their closet that they no longer wish to wear. When everyone arrives, serve delicious frozen coffee beverages and open up shop! It’s a simple way to reduce, reuse, and recycle things that you no longer want while gaining new wardrobe staples. With the cost of this event being next to nothing, it’s amazing to see what you’ll get…plus, being able to get a new wardrobe without waiting in line at the mall or racking up charges on your credit card.

  1. Brand New You ~ Waiting until New Years to make resolutions every year only increases the amount of resolutions we forget about 30 days later. It’s not really about making resolutions you’ll stick to, it’s about having an answer for the tons of people that will ask you what yours are. Wait until the year is half over and have a Brand New You (dress code: white) party to renew the things you forgot you wanted to try, and to shed the negativity or fear that’s holding you back. This event can encompass a lot of various events, but there are two parts that are important. The first part is a way to let go of anything that’s bringing you down (fear, negativity, sadness, regret) by writing it on a piece of paper that you don’t have to show anyone, and throwing it into the bonfire. The second part is a wish, dream, or goal, that you think of as you release a paper lantern. (Paper lanterns are available at many locations online and are safe to use in your backyard.) Everyone will leave with a fun sense of renewal which decreases stress and promotes well being!

  1. Cans for Cans ~ Help a local shelter or soup kitchen in your area by hosting a Cans for Cans party. By your guests bringing a certain amount of canned food, they are entitled to free drinks at your event. Having some information about the place you’re donating to will also help so that your guests can see where their contributions are going. They also have the option to make monetary donations as well. Have a sign up sheet so that one person at your party agrees to host the next, and so on. Continuing to host and attend parties of this nature not only give you a chance to relax and have a few drinks, but it also serves a purpose to better the lives of those less fortunate. Who can argue with that? Make sure to tell your invitees that if they can’t make it, they are still free to give you their donations.


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