Get The Look: Crayola Lipstick

Lipstick is the finishing touch to any look and the one important thing you put on when you don’t want anyone to notice your bed head. Regardless of whether it’s balm, stick, or gloss it ranges anywhere in price from $3-25 and serves as a fun way to express yourself as it has been for centuries, even dating back to the Mesopotamian women. According to¬†, “women from Indus Valley Civilization used lipstick regularly, but it was Egypt where manufacture of lipstick received many advancements”.

Ingredients in today’s lipsticks can include waxes, oils, pigments, and even sunscreen to protect and moisturize. In an effort to save money, create personalized colors, and use a completely non-toxic formula, you can learn to create your own lipstick at home with a few simple ingredients found in your local grocery store. The Youtube video is a great resource for this process, as well as the included photos of the steps when I tried this in my kitchen. Feel free to send pics of your homemade colors to my Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram!

All you’ll need is:

– Coconut Oil (found in the baking section with the olive oils)

– Crayola Crayons (I used the 64 pack for variety)

– Small Saucepan

– Something to pour the lipstick in to harden (I bought bead containers in the craft section)

– Glass Votive Holder

20140121_205602 20140121_210010



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