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Flipping through the glossy pages of today’s fashion magazine boast spreads of “splurge vs steal” ensembles. With the average income of today’s middle class, there’s not a large monthly budget for the modern woman’s wardrobe after the costs of housing, meals, bills, and daycare. Being a fashionista doesn’t mean that you’re stuck wearing the same pricey outfit over and over, it simply means that shopping style should be shopping smart.

Shopping smart doesn’t mean you’re confined to the the red tag clearance sale in the back corner of your favorite boutique. It may seem overwhelming at first, but once you know where to look, your shopping experience will be fun, and most importantly – affordable.

Sammy Dress is one of the best online wholesale retailers. It’s a global resource and shopping mecca of wedding dresses, accessories, shoes, and today’s fashion. Most of the dresses on this website can be found for under $25, and on top of the incredibly competitive prices, they also offer a wide selection of sizes and colors. There is something for everyone here, so be prepared to peruse for hours because this is a one stop shop for all of your seasonal fashion needs.

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Elegant and classy dresses! Link: ($14.76) More dresses: SammyDress

Elegant and classy dresses!
Link: ($14.76)
More dresses:

 Do u like this style of #Blazer?? ($9.11) More SammyDress.

Do u like this style of #Blazer?? ($9.11)
More SammyDress.

Refreshing spring #green outfit! Dress: Bag: Earrings: More SammyDress

Refreshing spring #green outfit!
More SammyDress

$5.99 Fashion is another secret weapon in the discount fashion utility belt. It’s a valuable resource because not only do they sell accessories and apparel, but you guessed it, everything on this entire retailer website is priced at $5.99 or less! They’re based out of California and according to their website, “buy directly from local manufacturers and all around the world” so they really know the importance of building quality relationships.

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Heavenly Couture is a personal favorite and has a great price point of $16 for most of their dresses and apparel. If you’re looking for the perfect little black dress, or need an outfit that will transition easily from season to season (or from day to evening), then this is the destination for you. Quality material and high ratings from it’s customers give this company a good reputation.

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Between these online shops, stocking your wardrobe every season should be easy and affordable. Keep flipping through those fashion mags, but instead of pining over splurge items that are worth more than your monthly income, find something online that looks similar and make it your own! Fashion is all about incorporating your personality into your style, so why not make your style smart?



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