4 Unique Places to Shop Online

Shopping at the same websites can be as comforting as walking into your local grocer and knowing exactly which aisle the chocolate rice cakes are in. The ease of knowing what you want to purchase, where to find it, and how much it will be makes the entire process simple and enjoyable, but every once in a while you have that small urge. It’s that faint internal voice suggesting you leave a little earlier next time so you can try out the small organic grocer down the road just to see what else they may have.

Online shopping is exactly the same sensation. You start to type the letters A-M and Amazon.com auto-populates into the search bar. With the endless options, why stay in your comfort zone? What if your online purchase could better the environment or send a portion of the proceeds to an important cause? These websites provide unique items that are not your average gift.

1. Gearthatgives.com – Shopping at this site is a one of a kind experience that will inspire you to make a difference and promote fair trade. When you first enter the site, you’re given the option to choose which cause you’d like your purchase to benefit such as hunger, literacy, animal rescue, or veterans. You can shop from decently priced handmade goods, clothing, gifts, and more all while keeping track of what your checkout items have accumulated for your cause. According to the website, “each item you buy funds at least 25 cups of food for the hungry”. If you’re not finding anything in particular that you’d be interested in purchasing, but you’d still like to make a difference, you can click on “gifts that give more” and help fund various projects around the world. As if this isn’t amazing enough, you’ll never have to worry about suffering from buyer’s remorse.

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2. Fiverr.com – Be prepared for something you’ve never seen before. This incredibly unique website isn’t powered by vendors at all. It’s actually powered by people all over the world that offer goods and services for the price that gives this store it’s name – $5. You can find anything from jewelry, musicians, art, article writing services, voice over actors, and even mini crocheted superheroes. The shipping and handling is not included, so it’s not exactly $5 every time. Some also include a section where they will include the option for a lower price if a higher quantity is purchased. This website provides a great, and very inexpensive, gift option for bridesmaids/groomsman, employees, and the person that has everything. Watch the time when scrolling through this website! It’s addicting and highly entertaining!


3. Fivefingertees.com – For the pop culture lover, this website is a treasure trove! They may be limited to hoodies and t shirts, but there is absolutely no shortage of movie, tv show, and video game references all for less than $30. This isn’t your average fan shirt, so it’s not going to be apparel with just the title and logo. These shirts feature logos for businesses and establishments within the movies, or tv shows, that they’re known for. You can purchase a Teller Morrow Motorcycle Repair shirt as seen in the FX series “Sons of Anarchy” or even a hoodie printed with the logo Pizza Planet from Toy Story! These items are high quality and available in a variety of sizes and colors. Your next group photo could be more epic than you’ve ever imagined!

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4. Coolshityoucanbuy.com – 4 Words…Horse Head Squirrel Feeder. This website is going to be the most random and hilarious place for you to spend your lunch break at work, but for every odd item, there’s at least one person you can think of that you’d want to watch unwrap it. A lot of these products are interesting and useful, while some (especially in the “funny stuff” section) will leave you thinking, “omg I absolutely need this Cheesus Christ Cheese Grater” for the parish picnic. With pages upon pages of “cool shit”, this website definitely lives up to it’s name.

Cheesus-Christ-Cheese-Grater-12 Horse-Head-Squirrel-Feeder-1

So the next time you’re walking through the mall, subconsciously walking into your favorite stores, remember to save yourself the time and shop for items too unique to find at Macys.


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