20 Hobbies You Probably Haven’t Tried

Hearing the word “hobbies” usually inspires thoughts of knitting, needlepoint, and puzzles. If you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinary to try instead of “crap-booking”, then search no further.

1. Recreate celebrity jewelry for a fraction of the cost by visiting your local craft store.

2. Help out your county’s humane society, or animal shelter, by fostering a pet until they’re adopted.


3. Check the online listings for nearby film locations in need of extras.

4. Once a week cook a meal from a different country.


6. Try your hand at indoor, or hydroponic, gardening.


7. Buy a metal detector and see what you can find. (You never know!)

8. Take a tour of your area’s most haunted locations and dare to test your strength.

9. Make a stop motion short film featuring various items around your house.

10. Ever wonder what it’s like to work a completely different job? Ask someone for a job shadow, or ask a police officer for a ride along.


11. Invent a new sport because let’s face it – if Frisbee golf is a real thing, then you can definitely invent a random game.

12. Create a board game.

13. Start a collection like antique teapots, teddy bears, or old issues of your favorite magazine.

14. Tie a letter to a balloon with a link to your social networking profiles and release it. See who you meet.


15. Rent or buy a telescope and star gaze on a clear night.

16. Watch your favorite actor or actress’ entire filmography.

17. Join or start your own Live Action Role Play (LARP) group!


18. Learn a few magic tricks to impress your friends or earn a few free drinks.

19. Mail a card with $5 inside to random people in the phone book and don’t include a return address. Encourage them to do the same when they have an extra $5 to spare.  

20. If you’re with a friend or two and you have a good camera on your phone, you should definitely be Vadering. You just should.

Just hold your neck and jump while someone takes your pic!

Just hold your neck and jump while someone takes your pic!


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