10 Activity Dates to Try Tonight

Where do you feel like eating? What movie do you want to see? These are the two most popular questions when it comes to date night, but after months or years of the same inquiries, it’s time to look for something more exciting. If you’re looking to relax and have an enjoyable evening as well as learn something new together at the same time, then try an activity date. When I say activity, in no way do I mean physically intense or strenuous, so don’t worry! I do however mean that a date that involves an activity will not only bring the two of you closer, but give you something to look forward to learning (and taking cute pics of).

If you want a really cute way to incorporate these ideas into your routine, write them (and any other ideas you have) on pieces of paper and fold them. Throw them all into a mason jar and whenever you have an available night then choose an idea. Doing this will definitely make the date nights spontaneous and keep both of you guessing!

1. Sushi Night ~ Spend the night learning how to make and roll your own sushi! If sushi is something you’ve tried or not, it’s still going to be a fun experience for both of you to be in the kitchen doing something together. Try to do this in addition to a meal so that if it happens to take a while to figure out you’re not starving yourselves. This should be lighthearted and enjoyable, so if you make mistakes it’s completely fine. Check out online tutorials to help get you started.

2. Moonlight Dancing Night ~ For every woman that wishes she would be taken dancing, there’s ten men groaning because they claim to have no idea how to dance. Part of the pressure of taking ballroom dancing lessons or going to a club is the fact that others will be watching. Take the initiative to learn how to dance together. Find a room with a large floor space and push all the furniture out of the way. Dim the lights and play some music to set the mood. If you really want to spice it up, try learning salsa dancing first. Videos will make this easier to start, but as soon as you get the hang of it, drop the video and focus on each other.

3. Coffee Night ~ If you’re a coffee or hot tea lover then consider swinging by your local grocery and craft stores on the way home from work. Put on the coffee and play some romantic music to set the stage. While you’re brewing a new delicious specialty blend, get out the paint (or markers) and decorate a coffee mug for each other. You can’t look until you’re both finished – no peeking!


4. At Home Wine Tasting ~ Ever stand in the wine aisle for long periods of time without having any idea as to what you want? Even when you finally choose a bottle, you always wonder if you should have picked something else. The best way to solve this wine-undrum is to have your own tasting!



5. Glass Etching Night ~ For the couples that save the bottles of the first drink they shared together, or the vase from the first flowers given, this is definitely the activity night for you! Glass etching is a simple craft that can be accomplished in one night. By simply choosing a glass surface, you can embed a permanent image, date, or saying to remember forever! If you choose a large surface, I’d recommend doing this as a joint activity, or you can each do one to surprise each other.

6. Comedy Club ~ Laughter really is the best medicine, and also the perfect setting for a ridiculously fun night. Comedy clubs aren’t as popular outside of cities, so for everyone in town (or those on a budget) then an at home comedy club is the perfect solution. Each of you should choose a comedian you like, or try one you’ve never heard, and sit down with your favorite beer for a stress-free evening of giggles!



7. Magic Night ~ Of all the popular things to do, learning simple magic tricks is probably something you’ve never thought of. You don’t have to try anything advanced, but starting out with some simple card or coin tricks will be enough to get you hooked! You could even learn a few tricks that require a secret assistant in the audience for when you’re in a group. Learning street magic isn’t anything you need, but the next time you’re out with friends it could easily earn you both a free drink. Youtube has a great selection of starter tricks that only require a deck of cards.

8. Double Guinness Night ~ As if you didn’t need an excuse to crack open a beer after a long week of work, this date night idea will definitely be entertaining. Grab a Guinness and borrow the latest Guinness Book of World Records (preferably not in that order). As you flip through the pages, talk about what you could do together to break or set your very own record. You can practice and contact Guinness when you believe you’re ready to be visited by an official judge. Being able to hang a record breaking plaque in your home for all to see is a boast-worthy achievement not held by many!

Guinness World Records Website – CLICK HERE

9. Language Night ~ Hola! Most of us hear at least one language besides English during the day and usually think to ourselves how helpful it would be to learn it. Learning a language can take months, sometimes years, but it is very possible to take one night and eat authentic meal while learning a few select phrases from your country of choice. For example, if you were interested in learning Spanish, practice saying a few phrases while enjoying home cooked carne asada.



10. Geocaching Night ~ In the spirit of modern day treasure hunting, this date night consists of ¬†using the gps/geo app and looking in your local area for hidden “geos”. A geo is something that someone has hidden, usually of small value, along with a paper log where people can record when they’ve found it. The item is then placed back with the log for the next person to find, but your names written on the log is an endearing reminder of your date that you can revisit anytime you wish.

Add any other ideas you may have into your date jar, and include a regular dinner and a movie night as well just to keep it spontaneous. Have fun and never stop having adventures!


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